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Penang is another great destination in Malaysia. The main attractions are its foods and heritage. Since 2008,  the Old Georgetown Street has been named as the UNESCO World Heritage site due to to the well preserved historical values dated back from the colonial era. The history of Penang dated back as early as the 1600s when the history recorded merchants activities and Penang is a part of the Great Malay Sultanate. In 1786 when Captain Francis Light took possession of the island through colonization, on behalf of the East India Trading Company, the trading activities amplified and Georgetown was established.

There are more to it, though, you need to read the whole story of this island and you will have a greater sense of appreciation. However, as far as choosing the right hotel, you need to make sure that you got the location right. Especially if you plan to stay in a 5-Star Hotel where you will spend an elaborate amount of money for accommodation.

The rule of thumbs for choosing the right location in Penang;

1 – It is situated in Georgetown, where all the great attractions are
2 – Or, it is in Gurney Drive; a popular seafront promenade
3 – Or it is in the Batu Ferringhi; a divine spot for beach resort and vacation

Therefore, here are top 5-Star hotels with the greatest location in Penang.

Eastern And Oriental Hotel

This hotel is situated in Georgetown. It is so special and full of heritage. Built in 1885, it is once pronounced as “The Premier Hotel East of Suez”, related to the trading route from East to West. This hotel has seen two World Wars, the wane of the British Empire as well as the birth of Malaysia. The looks, feels and decorations of this hotel will make you travel back in time. Most importantly, it is very near to all the main attraction spots.

  • Camera Museum (6-minute walk)
  • Fort Cornwallis (9-minute walk)
  • Pinang Peranakan Mansion (9-minute walk)
  • Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (12-minute walk)
  • Clan Jetty (15-minute walk)

5 Star Hotel in Penang       5 Star Hotel in Penang  5 Star Hotel in Penang

This hotel has received the highest guest review rating in Tripadvisor and also Hotels.com. With only  140USD per night, you may experience the luxury and the heritage at the same time. You can read the genuine guests review and book your room here at Hotels.com.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang

Without any doubt, Shangri-La is a giant grand in the tourism industry. In Penang, its hotel is situated in one of the prime location – Batu Ferringhi. One of the best place to have your beach vacation. This resort is located literally by the beach and is a perfect spot for honeymoon trip too. Plus, with the resort and spa feel, it can also accommodate family trip as there are a lot of activities for everyone. From a golf course, a full-service spa, outdoor pools, children’s club to an outdoor tennis court, they have it all. Sounds like a perfect spot for your next family reunion maybe? Other attractions nearby the resort are;

  • East Wind Watersports (2-minute walk)
  • Eden Parade Shopping Centre (5-minute walk)
  • Yahong Art Gallery (14-minute walk)
  • Tropical Spice Garden (27-minute walk)
  • PKSA Penang Water Sports Centre (36-minute walk)

5 Star Hotel in Penang  5 Star Hotel in Penang 5 Star Hotel in Penang  5 Star Hotel in Penang
The average price per night is 162USD. You may read about the hotels, the reviews and even book it here at Hotels.com.

G Hotel Kelawai

The next hotel is located in Gurney Drive. An esplanade nearby the beach that attracts so many visitors. Due to its prime location, there are so many good food stalls and restaurants around that make it a perfect choice for foodies. Plus, the top place of interest in this are are the two Burmese temples located opposite each other on Lorong Burma, you can reach Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram and the Dharmikarama after just 5 minutes by walking. These temples are deemed worthy of a visit just to admire the striking beauty of its architecture. Perhaps, these are the two most beautiful temple in Penang. So, you will still get that cultural experience plus the foods that await you. So, it is safe to say that, G Hotel Kelawai is a great choice! Other attractions around are;

  • Camera Museum (35-minute walk)
  • Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi (41-minute walk)
  • Pinang Peranakan Mansion (41-minute walk)
  • Fort Cornwallis (41-minute walk)

5 Star Hotel in Penang  5 Star Hotel in Penang

The average price per night to stay in this hotel is only 95USD. You may read about the hotels, the reviews and even book it here at Hotels.com.

Lexis Suites Penang

The last hotel is maybe for you that want to go a little bit away from all the tourist and embrace the local area. Sometimes, being in the heart of the city can be quite stressful. You may bump into other tourists, a lot of tourists actually, although it is a good thing, you could learn a lot more about the culture if you go a little bit off the beaten path, meet and mingle around with the locals. So, this hotel might be for you. It is located at Bayan Lepas, however, it is still a beachfront hotel, thus, you can still get your beach vacation, hanging out under the sun and enjoying the sounds of the waves. Nearby, places of interest are;

  • Penang International Sports Arena (5.7 mi / 9.1 km)
  • Snake Temple (4.8 mi / 7.7 km)
  • Queensbay Mall (7.9 mi / 12.7 km)
  • University of Science-Malaysia (8.9 mi / 14.4 km)

5 Star Hotel in Penang 5 Star Hotel in Penang

The average price per night to stay in this hotel is only 77USD. You may read about the hotels, the reviews and even book it here at Hotels.com.

So, these are the best 5-Star Hotels in Penang in terms of the location that you might want to consider staying for your next trip to Penang.

I wish you a great holiday ahead.
Please drop your comments below for any queries or maybe sharing your stay at these hotels above.

Thank You

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  1. As someone who is planning a future trip to Malaysia I found this post really useful, thank you. I did not know too much about Penang but am really interested to go there, so the handy hints about how to choose accommodation there were really useful. I would not usually consider a 5 star hotel but at this price point I will be looking into it for my upcoming trip!

    • Hi there, there are more to Penang than what I have written above. I will try to write more in the future, but, it is one of the tourist destination, and one of the popular reason is because of the UNESCO heritage site like I mentioned above. Yes, you are right, at this price, why not giving yourself a treat right?
      Hope that you will visit Malaysia soon!

      Thank You

  2. Hi there, I’ve never been to Malaysia but now I plan to!
    I can’t believe that you can stay in some of these beautiful hotels for as low as 77$.
    It’s nice to see that the weather there is a good 25 degrees warmer than where I am, up in Canada.

    • Hi Zach, one of the reason to come to Malaysia is its weather obviously. Why not make us your next winter trip? Just to escape the cold days in Canada. You are most welcome here mate.


  3. Hi there Ramlee ! I must say I am a travel passionate and Malaysia is for sure on my list 🙂 Now that I’ve found out about the hotels and that you could find them as low as 77 dollar, I am really considering finding airplane tickets although from where I am, from Romania, they are kinda expensive, but I guess it’s worth every dollar.

    Thanks for your info. Good luck !

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