9th MyBalloonFiesta 2017 – Desa Park City Kuala Lumpur

It is the time of the year again that the KLites and Malaysians will celebrate the next hot air balloon fiesta. This will be the 9th consecutive year in which the event will be held in KL. For this year, the location is in Desa Park City, a self-contained township, just south of Bandar Manjalara of Kepong, and north of Kampung Penchala & Taman Tun Dr. Ismail which is about 30 minutes drive from KL City Center.

This year balloon fiesta will be held for two days starting from 10th – 12th March 2017.


image credit to – MyBalloonFiesta

Unlike the last 8 years, when it was held in Putrajaya, the organizer will now bring this event closer to the city center.

How to get to Desa Park City?

If you need to commute by using public transport and let say you are from KLCC – you need to hop on the LRT to Putra Station and change the route to head towards KL Sentral. Then, from KL Sentral, you need to take the KTM Komuter (another train) to Kepong Sentral. There you will need a cab or uber ride to the Balloon Festival site. However, to ease traffic during event days, shuttle buses will be made available to Desa ParkCity from KLIA Express Departure Hall and IPC Mutiara Damansara.


For a full board package, you will need to be a part of their MyBalloonClub that will entitle you the exclusive all access privileges only for registered members. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy a live band jazz performances, an elaborate gourmet buffet breakfast, and a hot air balloon ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Desa Park City. The organizer will also reserve you the private space to witness the balloon inflation process. With the member’s package, you will also receive a complimentary ticket to the evening balloon session. Therefore, it is safe to say that, your MyBalloonClub will give you the full balloon experience. All of these will cost you RM300 or RM250 for your children.


image credit to – MyBalloonFiesta

However, if you opt for the general admission ticket, don’t worry, you will still up for a great experience ahead. The general admission will give you the access to balloons in the park area, however, the ticket will not include the Hot Air Balloon ride. You will also receive the access to the Evening Balloon Display and Night Glow Show. For foods and drinks, you don’t have to be worried as well, there will be a FoodGasm area that will be packed with street foods booths for the visitors convenient. The price for general admission ticket is only RM30 for adult and RM20 for children.

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The Night Glow Show, image credit to – MyBalloonFiesta

Weekend Picnic

With the lush greeneries surrounding the Desa Park City, it will be a perfect weekend picnic with family and loved ones. The only thing you need is a picnic mat and feast upon the delicious foods available at the FoodGasm Fest. Plus, it will be a great idea to bring your kids and enjoy the side activities other than watching and riding the Hot Air Balloon.

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Picnic area – image credit to MyBalloonFiesta

If you up to more activities, head down to the fun zone available. This fun zone will be available and opened during the whole duration of the event. There a lot of activities available, from trampoline to zorbing balls to let you and your kids walk on the pool. There will be separate fees for activities at this fun zone;

  • Water Zorb: RM20 per ball
  • Roller Zorb: RM10 per person
  • Paddle Boat: RM15 per boat
  • Trampoline: RM10 per person
  • Hamster Zorb: RM10 per person
  • Inflatables Zone: RM15 per entry
  • Reverse Bungee: RM35 per person
  • Junior Bungee: RM20 per person
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Zorb ball – image credit to MyBalloonFiesta

The mass ascension (Flying Free) will only be held in Putrajaya; its former venue, in which 15 hot air balloons will take off on the morning at Precinct 2. During this session, the sponsors, media representative, and some adventurous passengers will ride them and able to enjoy the majestic morning view of Putrajaya. The visitor will of course, able to capture this majestic breathtaking view for free, but you have to head down to Putrajaya in the morning. Then, all of these balloons will be back in Desa Park City by noon.

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Morning mass ascension – image credit to MyBalloonFiesta

Silent Disco Inside a Hot Air Balloon – World’s First

This event will also introduce another new activity in which they will transform a Hot Air Balloon into a mobile club. For your information, a Silent Disco or Rave is an event where wireless headphones will be used for music rather than a complete speaker system. The hilarious thing about silent disco is that people that do not have the headphones will not hear the music thus, they will only see a room of people dancing to nothing.

Silent Disco Sessions (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) starts as early as 6.30pm and all tickets will include the entry into the Balloon Silent Disco arena, wireless headset rental.

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Other attractions nearby Desa Park City

As Desa Park City is closed to Kepong, you could use the opportunity to explore this part of Kuala Lumpur that might surprise you. In order to synchronize the theme of outdoor vacation at this Hot Air Balloon fiesta, you can head down to Forest Research Institute Malaysia that is very famous for its Canopy Walk. This little reserve forest in the city is dedicated for research activities to further enhance Malaysia’s forest preservation activities. This place opens daily at 8 am – 6 pm but it will be closed only on Sunday.

Apart from the canopy walk that spans for 150 meters, is suspended between trees at approximately 30 meters above ground level. This canopy walkway and platforms are an absolute vantage points to experience a panoramic view of the forest and Kuala Lumpur area from a distance. Besides that, they also have a dedicated camping area, ethnobotanical garden, Kepong botanic gardens, the replica of Malay traditional house, series of nature activities and obstacles, nature trails for a short jungle trekking and also a picnic area.

things to do in Kuala Lumpur - Canopy Walk

FRIM’s Canopy Walk

Apart from that, this reserved forest will also be a perfect spot to do bird watching activities, however, you must adhere to the codes of conducts established by the authority in order to observe birds from various ornithological groups that are available here.

Recently, the authority has decided to decrease the amount of visitor that is able to walk across the canopy bridge from 250 persons per day to only 60 persons per day. This order has been effective since last year in order to ensure public safety and most importantly the sustainability of the walkway system. Thus, be sure to book your spot in advance prior to your visit.

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  1. Hey there

    Visiting Malaysia is one of my dreams and including such a great event in my trip plan would be a great addition to that dream coming true. This year it is already too late as the festival has just finished so I have to plan this for the next year. Is this Ballon Fiesta happening at the same place each year or is it changing its location? Do you know how many people visit this fiesta each year?

    • Hi Arta, the next festival shall be held around the same time of the year again. I am not too sure about the location, but they have done it at Putrajaya for eight consecutive times before. Referring to the organiser website, the said that the event managed to attract thousands of people per year.

  2. Kuala Lumpur has been a city that Im just dying to visit, the culture, the food, and most importantly the people seem to be very accepting of all types of cultures and religions. Me and my girlfriend have been really thinking about where to go next for vacation and this post I think will help us both with our next decision.

    • Hi Bassam, I am glad that you find this post interesting and useful, hope that you will visit Malaysia soon.

  3. Malaysia is not so far from my place ( Pakistan), I guess so. Because this Baloon ride has made me excited to visit even once with my hubby. The tradition and tempting scenery are forcing me to go and enjoy the reality of the world. Beautiful

    • Hi there, hope that you will visit us soon! Yes, it is not too far (by plane) lol.
      You also have a very beautiful country, hope to visit your too.


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