About Me

Hello, fellow travelers. I am a traveler myself. I have been to 17 Countries, below is my travel map thus far.

Travel Map

My Top 5 cities are; Istanbul, Medina, Makkah, Beirut and Paris. Yes, you may notice the pattern, I like the middle east. It is a very amazing place to visit.

I have a fair amount of traveling experience. Both good ones and bad ones.

I remember being homeless in a freezing night at Rotterdam, Netherlands. That was one of my earlier trips with my college buddies. We were so inexperienced that we didn’t now that we should have a credit card to rent a car abroad. Our initial crazy plan was to spend the night in the car, but as we weren’t able to hire one, we weren’t able to put a roof on our head that night. Now, I wonder, why we didn’t decide to just check in to any hostels or hotels. We thought we can outCold the cold night. (or maybe we just being a cheapskate?) lol. I almost shivered to death until we decided to head into a very dodgy bar. We bought some foods and took turns sleeping until we finally kicked out from that place.


Over the Bosphorus Sea, Istanbul – My favorite place of all-time

I remember as well, being stranded outside London Euston train station on a very cold night too. Initially, my friends and I planned to spend the night at Heathrow Airport as we had a very early plane to catch the next morning. As we reached London (from Manchester) quite early, we decided to leave our luggage at Euston Train station and went for last minute shopping in London. But, pity us, we underestimate how frustrating London Underground can be. On our way back to Euston station to collect back our luggage, we didn’t know that they will close some of the stations due to maintenance. Long story short, we missed the operation hours of the luggage place. We were not able to go to the airport as we cannot afford to leave all our belongings at the station. The thing became worse, the train station finally closed and we’ve been kicked out of it. We have no choice but to spend the night under a bicycle parking shack. My pal went sick after spending a night outside the station without proper clothing. Thank God, I barely survived the night!

I also remember feeling all alone when I embarked on my solo trip to the Eastern Europe. I went to Hungary, Slovenia, and Austria by myself, without any company, just to grow my traveling skills and of course, enrich my experience. I remember trying to start a conversation with any strangers that I met. It is out of my norm to act this way, but the situation pushed me beyond my limit. It was a humbling experience, I’m glad I did this.


Sometimes, the best place to travel is not always big cities or an exotic island, I found happiness in travelling when I travelled to visit this Syrian refugees school in Turkish-Syrian border. It was a cold winter, but my heart blossom seeing the happiness in this kids’ eyes.

These are only some of the experiences that make me become a better traveler. Most people will only tell you the beautiful sides of traveling. They put up their Instagram with heavily-filtered pictures to give you an ideal situation. However, when you are on the road, it will not be as perfect for most of the time.

You may find yourself caught in tourist traps buying the ridiculous souvenir. You may get scammed! I have mates that were brought into a bar in Istanbul and forced to pay for everyone drinks, I also have a pal that innocently and happily let a stranger took his picture with pigeons outside Milan Duomo. He didn’t know that the picture he just posed cost him almost 50 Euros! It happens guys…sadly. Your belongings, your passport may get lost, or worse, you may get robbed if it is really your bad day. You may miss your flight, you may get stranded and left without any place to spend a night with.

Therefore, feeling responsible, I think I should write genuine travel guides for fellow travelers that are planning to visit Malaysia; my beloved country. I want to give you the insider tips, I want to help you experience Malaysia the best way.

I will update this blog during my free time, please feel free to drop your comments for any queries.

Visit Malaysia! get to off the beaten paths!

Selamat Datang. : )