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Up until now, I have written quite a few things about Malaysia. If you read the earlier articles, I have introduced some of the Malaysian dishes, some interesting places to visit and also reviews for hotels that you might want to consider staying.

However, for some topics, you may require spending time reading other materials as well, as it is quite hard for me to provide an extensive information about them. For example, history. Although I have tried my best to incorporate the background of each subject, you may want to do your own reading as well. Plus, for certain dishes that I have shared here, for you that maybe an adventurous or curious cook, that love to try a new recipe you may want to learn the recipe out of the cookbook and do it yourself.

Therefore, I will share some books that you might be interested. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about the price, all of them are used books with a significant price drop. More importantly, you can shop with confidence as they are all from Also, you can always buy the new copy if you feel like rewarding yourself with the brand new book.

So, here are some of the books that you may want to read.

Malaysia: A Pictorial History 1400 – 2004

Used Books for Sale Online

Most people are more attracted to visuals. Plus, a picture is so powerful that it can describe thousands of stories. That is why this kind of book is so popular. The author managed to bring a very heavy topic like history to your coffee table with leisure. Just browse through the picture and all stories from the colonial era to this modern day, and be prepared to learn all facets of Malaysian. This book may make you prepared before your upcoming trip to Malaysia and will make your trip more meaningful.

New Copy  : $28.00
Used Copy : $15.00
Discount    : 46%
Buy it here at



Insight Guides: Malaysia

Used Books for Sale Online

If you are planning to visit Malaysia soon, I will definitely recommend you to buy this travel guide. Of course, other than my website (lol), this book will give you a lot of information that you need to know beforehand. Get ready and be prepared to indulge in the Malaysian culture that is quite diverse due to our multi-racial society.

One of the things that make this book special is the fact that they offered a free app altogether with this book. This will make your trip more convenient and interactive.

New Copy  : $20.00
Used Copy : $11.00
Discount    : 45%
Buy it here at


Lonely Planet Borneo (Travel Guide)

Used Books for Sale OnlineBorneo; a very popular spot for travelers that love nature. It will be hard to say no to Lonely Planet travel guide. As for me, this Borneo guide from them is hands down one of the best. In fact, this book is one of the best sellers in Amazon; ranked #10 for Travel books (Malaysia&Brunei) section.

You got to have this book if you plan to visit Borneo anytime soon. Get prepared for the hidden discoveries that await you. Envision yourself diving with sea turtles at the Semporna Archipelago, visit the water village of Kampung Ayer, or hanging out with the Orangutans at Tanjung Puting National Park.

New Copy  : $28.00
Used Copy : $18.00
Discount    : 36%
Buy it here at



Conversations with Mahathir Mohamad Dr. M: Operation Malaysia (Giants of Asia series)

Used Books for Sale Online

A book about former Malaysia’s Prime Minister – Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The man whom his administrative tenures lasted for 22 years. The one who successfully transformed Malaysia from an agriculture-based economy to an industrial country; one of the emerging markets of the East. He was the one who envisioned and built the Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower. He is no doubt, one of the giants of Asia.
In this Giants of Asia series, the author wrote the transcripts of dialogues with the specific subject in each chapter. Therefore, it offers different reading experience, which may be quite entertaining.

New Copy  : $131.00
Used Copy : $92.00
Discount    : 30%
Buy it here at


Islam in Malaysia: Perceptions & Facts

Used Books for Sale Online

If you feel nervous about stepping your feet in Malaysia due to the negative perceptions around the Muslim countries, this might be the one book that you need to read. The author is a well-known contemporary Islamic scholar in Malaysia. He managed to answer to the perceptions that people might have towards Islam and to be specific, Islam in Malaysia.

You might be surprised to learn that it is not as conservative as the normal perceptions. It is interesting to learn the dynamic of a country where Muslims have to integrate and live with fellow Buddhists and Hindus citizens, in peace.

New Copy  : $25.00
Used Copy : $12.00
Discount    : 52%
Buy it here at





Flavors of Malaysia: A Journey Through Time, Tastes, and Traditions

Used Books for Sale Online

I have introduced you to some of the best dishes the Malaysia has to offer. However, there is a great possibility that South East Asian cuisines are still foreign to you. Maybe because of the looks, the ingredients, and the taste. However, believe me when I said these dishes are great.
If you look forward to learning the recipes for authentic Malaysia dishes, this cookbook is a must for you. It is so comprehensive that it listed down every spices and ingredient that you need. It gets down to the nitty-gritty of every dishes. This 353 pages cookbook is definitely a worth buy!

New Copy  : $114.00
Used Copy : $59.00
Discount    : 48%
Buy it here at



Everyday Malay Phrase Book and Dictionary: Your Guide to Speaking Malay Quickly and Effortlessly in a Few Hours

Used Books for Sale Online

If you are looking for a phrase book, I would say this one will offer you the most help. Unlike another phrasebook, this book made it easy to understand the context of every sentence, and most importantly they will teach you the pronunciation.

It is a travel-sized book that makes it easy for you to bring it along as a companion during your time in Malaysia. Although I have said that it is not really hard to get through the everyday situation by using English, bear in mind that to get acquaintance with people, you need to speak their language, and this book will help you start.

New Copy  : $15.00
Used Copy : $2.00
Discount    : 87%
Buy it here at




“Goodnight Malaysian 370”: The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight 370

Used Books for Sale Online

One of the incidents that made Malaysia under the limelight, well maybe for a wrong reason. This coming 8th March will mark the 3rd year of this tragedy. When the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 mysteriously lost from radar.

This mystery is yet to unfold and seems like it will never be. The rescue search has been declared over as they hit a deadlock when trying to find the wreckage in the vast open Indian Ocean. In this book, the author wrote about his theory about the attempted suicide by the pilot which brought the flight down. This book for sure will be an interesting read.

New Copy  : $15.00
Used Copy : $2.00
Discount    : 87%
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Life is a Trip: the transformative magic of travel

Used Books for Sale Online

Lastly, a more general book about travel that will inspire you to keep on traveling. Sometimes, we encounter some bad trips in our life. We may make the promise to never travel again. Or maybe, we just too busy with our work that we do not realize that we may waste our life doing routine things that we do not particularly enjoy doing.

Devour and delve into this book. Let the author inspire you to travel more. Live your life more because life is a trip!

New Copy  : $9.15
Used Copy : $4.00
Discount    : 56%
Buy it here at




As you can see, these are some of the used books that are for sale in Some of them are suitable for a leisure reading, or maybe to accompany you during your travel – that long haul flight to Malaysia!

If you want to discover more used Books with more great discounts, head down here to Don’t forget to drop your comments below, sharing or reviewing your favorite travel books.

Thank You.

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  1. Hey Ramlee,
    OMG Tun Mahathir’s book on sale? Definitely getting that on, it used to cost hundreds to buy one last year. I was saving up because he inspires me so I’m planning to learn his stories to understand the struggles he’s going through.

    Is the price for the used books permanent or is it going to increase or decrease anytime soon? $92 is still a bit expensive, would be better if its a bit lower considering our Malaysian currency is dropping real low.

    • Hi Shah, Yes it is on sale for the used one. You are right, he inspired us to work for a better Malaysia, that is the bottom line, although there are so many controversies surrounding him, I believe his great works made Malaysia a country that is very well developed today.

      I think, you may get lower price depends on the seller in Amazon, but there is no guarantee though, you have to check it often.


  2. i am traveling to Malaysia in April so am soaking in as much as I can about the history and culture of the country. So glad to come across these two books. I can see why the pictorial history would be a popular option as a coffee table book.
    The insight guide book is just what I need for the convenience of locating the hot spots.

    • Hi Keith.

      I am goad that you find this article helpful. Yes, about the pictoral history, it is also a very good option to be given as a gift.


  3. Hi Musaini

    I just spent some time taking a look at your site. If I were to have an opportunity to travel to Malaysia, my first step would be to use this site.

    Everything you would need to prepare for a vacation is here. The recommendations for books, travel arrangements and travel agencies are great.

    I found the articles about the food in Malaysia were very interesting. What to eat in different cultures is always a question that needs to be answered.

    I followed you on Google + so I will be watching for more posts.

    Have a great day.


    • Hi there, thanks you for your nice words. It will definitely be my motivation to help fellow travelers that will be visiting Malaysia soon. Thank you for following my G+ as well, please spread the word about my website too, as it is fairly new website.

      Many thanks

  4. Well, you certainly have a comprehensive listing of the ins and outs of traveling in Malaysia! I enjoyed every bit of it and hope to go some day. You’re quite an adventurer and I laughed about some of the things you’ve been through (especially the ones mentioned on your ‘about me’ page. Thanks for sharing all you learn as you travel. It sure is helpful for those of us who haven’t had a chance yet!

    • Hi Robin, thanks a lot for your comment. And thank you for laughing at me too. Lol.
      It is just my intention to help fellow travelers to get the insider tips to be prepared for their trip to Malaysia.

      Thanks a lot

  5. As a book lover I was drawn to your post and found it a wealth of knowledge. I did whet my appetite to travel to Malaysia but unfortunately that is not possible so will have to settle for reading about the country and it’s people. I was particularly interested in the pictorial history and also Conversations with Mahathir Mohamad Dr. M: Operation Malaysia. Both these books would give an excellent incite into Malaysia and I will be sure to check them out.

    • Hi there Margaret, thank you for dropping your comment her.
      May I know why did you say it is not possible to travel to Malaysia? If you don’t mind I’m asking that question.
      These books are the ones that will give you the background of Malaysian’s society, lifestyle and history, and obviously you can get it at discounted price.
      So, happy reading.


  6. Hi there! I really enjoy travel books and would definitely pick up several of the books you mentioned. It is a very good list of what you’d want to know and be prepared for traveling in a foreign country. I especially like the coffee table book on the history of Malaysia, it looks beautiful. The book on Muslims in Malaysia is so appropriate for the times today-smart move having that on your book list. The book Life is a Trip looks wonderful and I would love to read that book, a perfect book to finish off your post. Thank you for the great book list,

    • Hi there, thank you for your comment.
      I hope that people will find these books beneficial to prepare for the trip to Malaysia.
      The best thing is, you can get these books at discounted prices, so more reason to have them.

      Have a great day!

  7. Wow, all these books look really interesting and important for anyone who wants to learn more about Malaysia, even if they are not planning to travel there. The one about Dr Mahathir was particularly intriguing.

    I wish most of these books are available as ebooks. Do you know if there are any ebooks out there that covers similar topics? It would make it much more convenient for me.

    Thanks and great review!

    • Hi Farhan, if you click at the links I have provided, you can get more information about the books. Most of them have the electronic version with cheaper price. So, go on and explore.

      Thanks a lot

  8. Hi Selmat
    I visited your site recently and loved it so much, reading about your travels and all, that is the reason Im here again today and you have not disappointed.
    Im a book worm, love reading from geography to fiction and that make it even more interesting to know one can buy used books from Amazon for up to 50%.I might be old age, I have never liked kindle ebooks and still prefer to read mine in hardcover.
    With the prizes being offered at Amazon now,I’m going to look for some used books, there are some brilliant books i`ve wanted for some time but could not afford so now is the time to really take advantage of the sales they offer.
    Thanks for sharing,really appreciate.

    • Hi there, yes, you are right, amazon is one of the best place to buy used books. Be sure to browse all the selections and find one that suit your interest. Happy book hunting.

      : )

  9. Hey Ramlee, I am passionate about travel, books and good food. I love to eat no lie. Thanks for sharing those books. They do seem like good reads. I will be getting me at least 4 of those at random. Malaysia-a pictoral history, Insight guides, Flavors of Malaysia, the phrase book and definitely the flight 370 I must have. Was keenly following that intriguing but sad story.

    You make Malaysia look like a destination worth traveling to and am sure it is. Keep sharing

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