Travel with a Dollar – Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur

One dollar travel is possible. Believe me! There is a thing known as Currency Exchange Leverage. When I was in the UK, I used to enjoy the leverage of the British Pound’s exchange rates to other currencies. I remember when I was in Beirut, I felt like a millionaire! The exchange rate was crazy good. […]

Study in Malaysia – 8 Best Universities in Malaysia

If you are looking for more information and consider to further your study in Malaysia, I would say, you are at the right site. I may able to assist you by giving some insights on Universities in Malaysia. As education is one of the biggest investments that one could make in life, choosing the right […]

Turkish Airlines Review

Manchester to Kuala Lumpur,  Turkish Airlines, Economy (Long Haul Flight Review) Hi, this will be a review of my experience with Turkish Airlines. I believe, there are a lot of Turkish Airlines reviews out there on the net. However, I feel like I have to add another one as I really love this courier. It’s […]

What Is Nasi Lemak

I think the best way to introduce Malaysia to you guys is through our food. So, what is Nasi Lemak? Basically, it is a breakfast dish, although it is quite common here to have this dish for lunch and even dinner. Well, lo and behold, this is not a typical breakfast cereal, nor it is […]

How to travel to Malaysia?

1) By Air By far, travelling by aeroplane is the most convenient ways to travel around the globe. Generally, there are two parts of Malaysia that you need to know, the peninsular and the Borneo parts of it. There are several gateways into Malaysia if you are travelling by plane. The biggest international airport will […]

Where is Malaysia

Where is Malaysia Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia, located partly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partly on the northern third of the island of Borneo West (peninsular) Malaysia shares a border with Thailand, up north, it is connected by a highway and to the south, a bridge to Singapore. East Malaysia (Borneo) shares […]