Best Stargazing Spots in Malaysia

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to visit the library to read about the planets and our solar system. They are amazing. I particularly intrigued by Saturn. Its unique feature sometimes defines me as a person; the one that loves to go against what is popular and consider norm to most people. I do not like things that are mainstream. I want to be like Saturn, the odd one, but in a good way. Its ring symbolizes my inner-self that dares to be different and loves to try my best to achieve things that people consider impossible.

I know, it sounds so ridiculously too philosophical and deep, right? But, that was the thing that I enjoyed back in the days; reading about space and astronomy.

Until one day, I enrolled in the Astrophysics course for my Physics A-Level study. It was hard. Extremely hard. It humbled me down to really learn how insignificant human beings are. We are just tiny little creatures on this small planet. Why do we have to be so full of ourselves? I remember learning about so many different types of stars and galaxies, their lifespan, luminosity and other stuff. I barely passed the course. Thankfully. Phewww.

Then, I come to a realization that I will most likely never ever going to be able to work for NASA, or maybe the astronaut that going to blow up the asteroid that is going to hit the Earth like in the Armageddon movie. Astrophysics was just too hard for me. Thus, this interest and passion will only remain as a thing that inspired me when I was little. Yeah, I know, not everyone will ever be an Astronaut. Let alone being sent to destroy asteroids to save the humankind.

However, I still reserve my humility towards the mother nature in general, or towards the space in particular. The stars, the moon, and those planets are just so beautiful to look at, and I believe there are so many space enthusiasts out there that are really passionate about the subject matter that actively stargazing through the night skies.

For you that might not be too familiar with the term, Stargazing means the act to gaze at or observe the stars during the night. It can be done with naked eyes, or maybe for someone with a telescope, they can study the space further than just looking at the picturesque view of the night sky. Usually, you can only get the clear view of the stars colonies and the galaxies at the rural area or very deserted places that are far from the light pollution that usually happened in the cities.

So, for the nature lovers out there that wanting to try new stargazing spots located in the Southeast Asia, Malaysia has a lot of spots to offer. Some of these places that I will introduce to you might be so foreign to you. After all, the aim is to find places that are far from the city in order to be able to look through the night sky clearly.

Before that, I think that I need to put a disclaimer first. All of these pictures are not mine, they are captured by professional photographers. You may find the owner of the picture at every photo.

Best Stargazing Spots in Malaysia – Top Ten List

1) Bekok, Johor

GPS Coordinate – 2.284342, 103.122150

This small village is located in the southern state of Malaysia named Johor of the Segamat district, it is really popular for the nature enthusiasts that love to do outdoor activities. Bekok is also known as the entrance to the Endau Rompin National Park, a thick and lush reserve forest which is another amazing place to be explored by the nature lovers.

Stargazing Spots in Malaysia

Image credit to David Lee

As this place is quite remote, I suggest you plan your trip with that could assist you to find the right hotel and flight to this place. Why Expedia? It is because they got a lot of offers and deals to be discovered every day, so for more detail, please click here.

2) Klebang, Malacca

GPS Coordinate – 2.204964, 102.219425

Neighboring the state of Johor, Malacca is also a famous tourist destination due to the history and its colonial heritage that is still well-preserved until this day. However, Klebang is located a little bit out of the Malacca city center. It is considered as a coastal town that might be suitable for a day excursion if you ever happened to be in Malacca. One more reason to visit Klebang is its famous Coconut Shake.

Stargazing spots in Malaysia

Image credit to Dzuchan

Discover more about the place and this destination through by clicking here.

3) Cyberjaya, Selangor

GPS Coordinate – 2.921918, 101.648923

Cyberjaya is a well-known hub for education and also a place for various MNC’s that set up their headquarters here in Malaysia. Cyberjaya used to be a government project to kick start the IT revolution in Malaysia, it can be considered as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. However, till date, Cyberjaya is still fairly pristine and remains untouched. You can still be close to nature while delving into the urban modern lifestyle whenever you visit this place. More importantly, it is very close to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) that makes it a suitable stop before you leave or once you arrive in KLIA, Malaysia.

Stargazing in Malaysia

Image credit to Abdul Kadir

You can plan your visit to Cyberjaya and get more details about this destination here.

4) Sekinchan, Selangor

GPS Coordinate – 3.559996, 101.093748

Still, in the state of Selangor, Sekinchan is one of the underrated places in Malaysia. It is a small fishing village located by the federal coast route. Apart from being a lively fishing community, this place is also one of the major places to produce rice for Malaysia. So, in a simple word, you can get off the beaten track here, and indulge yourself with the traditional settings of the Malaysian society. Due to its location that still pristine, the night sky will offer you the majestic view that will make the whole trip worth it.

Things to do in Malaysia

Image credit to Zack Lee

Plan your visit to Sekinchan and read more information about it here.

5) Ulu Yam, Selangor

GPS Coordinate – 3.451326, 101.633592

Another place worth visit is also situated in the state of Selangor. It is famous for its waterfall and serene environment. If you happened to plan a visit to Genting Highland theme park, I would suggest you stop by and maybe spend a night here. The view of the night sky worth a million that will make you rejuvenate after your whole trip. Plus, the cost to stay in a hotel at this are is extremely cheap. A place to re-energize your heart and soul, don’t wait any longer!

Things to do in Malaysia

Image credit to De

So, don’t forget to stop by and be as close to nature for your next trip to Malaysia. Learn more about this place here.

6) Sungai Lembing, Pahang

GPS Coordinate – 3.895826, 103.073583

Sungai Lembing used to be a tin mining town in its glory days. The literal translation of its name will be ‘The river of spear’. It is located in the state of Pahang – the east coast part of Peninsular Malaysia. It is located outskirt of Kuantan, which is the capital city for Pahang. Therefore, this place is suitable for travelers that planning to visit Kuantan that is famous for the beach theme holidays. There are many attraction places to be visited and discovered here. You just need the guts to go off the beaten path!

Things to do in Malaysia

Image credit to De

Be close to the mother nature and get yourself lost here, is the middle of an old town. Learn more about the destination here.

7) Redang Island, Terengganu

GPS Coordinate – 5.778569, 103.010448

Good news for travelers that want to escape your hectic life and indulge yourself with an island vacation. I introduce you to Redang Island. One of the many islands that you may find in Terengganu; also a state located in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, truly a world class destination. This destination alone offer you so many things to do; from snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, island hopping or just hanging out on the beach, you can do them all here.

Things to in Malaysia, Redang Island

Image credit to Hafidz Abdul Kadir

So, if you want to view a majestic night sky in a beautiful island in Malaysia, head down to Redang Island. Learn more about the destination and plan your trip here.

8) Kudat, Sabah

GPS Coordinate – 6.855654, 116.711219

We move to the East Malaysia, the place well-known as Borneo. Technically, the Borneo of Malaysia can be divided into two states; Sarawak and Sabah. All with so many attractions to be visited by nature enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Kudat is a district in Sabah that located at the northernmost part of Borneo. If you look at the map of Sabah, it is situated at the horn-liked shape that faces the Philippines. Without a doubt, this place is so pristine and should be in your itinerary if you visit Sabah as it is quite near to Kota Kinabalu.

Stargazing in Borneo

Image credit to Christiano Soning

Look at this picturesque scene of the night sky of Borneo. Plan your visit now with, here.

9) Kota Belud, Sabah

GPS Coordinate – 6.300827, 116.449837

Still in Sabah, another town of the West Coast of the state. It is also located off the coast that facing the South China Sea.
This place is suitable to be a pit stop along your journey to discover the bountiful of Borneo. It is accessible through the federal highway that connects Kudat and Kota Kinabalu, so, why not, give it a visit?

Sabah, Boneo, Stargazing

Image credit to AK Tajudin

A magnificent view. Definitely worth a visit. Click here for more details and to plan your trip with

10) Limbang, Sarawak

GPS Coordinate – 4.755667, 115.017132

Last but definitely not least – Limbang. A town that neighboring Brunei (another Country in Borneo). It is also located by the coast, however, I warn you that the feel to it will be different than any other place that I have mentioned. Although it is located in Borneo, you will feel a slight difference as Borneo itself is vast. There are so many ethnicities that give so many colors to the society. So, for travelers that visit Brunei, or Sarawak, Limbang is a very worthy stop in your whole journey.

Things to do in Borneo

Image credit to Loseeker

Learn more about Limbang and plan your journey here.

So, these are some of the world class destinations that you could visit in Malaysia.
Except for Redang Island that is a well-known place for holiday, all of them are the off the beaten paths that one should visit to capture this majestic view of the night skies.

What do you think about these places?
Don’t forget to spread the word and please drop your comment below.


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