Best time to book airline flights online – 5 Top Secrets

Have you ever wonder, when is the right time to book airline flights online? Am I too early? But, I don’t want to book too late as I do not want to miss out on the good deals. How can I save on my airline flights ticket?

These are all the typical questions one will have when looking for the next destinations. I encountered it too. Often, with a limited budget, I wish that my timing will always be on the right side. Throughout my flying experience, I have managed to learn a little bit of experience to help me secure cheaper tickets to Malaysia.

Here are my top 5 secrets

1) Book in advanced

Yes, you heard it right. Most of the times, when you plan your trip ahead, book your tickets early, then you will most probably save a lot of money. Usually, it is the last minute plan will cost you the fortune. However, like what I have posted in my last article, there is still the probability that you can find good last-minute deals, however, it is very rare. Especially on peak seasons. Therefore, to save money on your flight ticket, try to book in advanced. From my experience, usually for international flights, the one that crossing over continents, 4 months in advanced is just the right time. Do not go overboard by booking say, a year ahead. You will less likely pay for the right value.

Best time to book airline flights online

2) Compare flight ticket prices

This is the second most important step in getting cheap flight ticket. Always compare your flight ticket prices. No matter what! Do not go out of your way and buy the very ticket you ever found. Do a little bit more research and you are good to go. If you do not bound to any frequent flyer program yet, or you have not enrolled one yet, look at all possibilities. Check every courier, every single airline out there. Be a little open minded and embrace different airlines that you may never hear before. If you have no clue on how to compare flight ticket prices or simply do not have the time to do it, you can always sign up for your preferred airline price alerts or your preferred travel provider email list.

3) Choose flight with transit

While nonstop flight is surely a convenient choice, there is no harm to try out flight with a stopover for the sake of having cheaper flight. A stopover or layover is when an airline makes a stop to a destination first before heading to the next one. When flying with transits, most probably you will have to change plane and go through the boarding process all over again. As for me, I like a stopover, but I will try to keep it minimum. I will also try to stretch the transit time a little bit longer so I can go out of the airport and explore the city. More opportunity to travel! Why waste it? Even better, for some routes that have inevitable stopover with a very long transit time, the airlines will provide you with free accommodation. So, make sure you check first.

The only thing you need to be wary when flying this way is to keep track on your time and make sure your check in luggage destination when you check in for the first time at your origin airport. Make sure your luggage’s final destination is the same as your final airport. Oh, one more thing, do not lose your boarding passes for the next flights. You will likely be fined if you lose it and of course, who needs that extra fuss?

4) Avoid peak seasons

By all means, never travel during peak seasons. There are many reasons why you should avoid peak seasons, not only because of the soaring price ticket, the price for accommodations will also rise up. Plus, most of the hot spots for vacations will be crowded with tourists during these times.

For your information, the peak seasons for Malaysia are;

  • Mid-term school holiday – June
  • End of year school holiday – November & December
  • Other public holidays – For the list of Malaysian’s Public Holidays, please click here.

5) Book on Tuesday

This is the tip that I gained from my readings and research online. It is because some airlines release their last minute weekend deals on a Tuesday, as they tend to start their sales on a Monday evening, then, when competitors scramble to compete, by Tuesday afternoon you could be bagging a sweet bargain on your airfare. You may do the research yourself.

That is it for now.
Don’t wait, go grab your next flight to Malaysia!


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  1. This is great advise! My uncle has invited me to stay with his family but it means booking a plane trip out there and I wasn’t sure when the best time to book it was 😉

  2. great post. Always a good idea to be proactive and get those tickets early!! Those tickets are expensive enough without having to wait for the last minute. thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you so much for your advice. I’ve always heard that you should also think about booking at a certain time of day (like Tuesdays at 3 o’clock) because those times are cheaper than other times. Is that really true? I’ve always just gone to one of the websites like Kayak or Priceline when I need a flight, so thank you for the insight.

    • Yes, there are numerois reports about booking on Tuesday done by flight comparison sites. You may give it ago and try comparing the prices. I normally use Expedia because of their brand and the convinience they pfffered. Thanks

  4. Love these tips. I’ll remember to book 4 months in advance AND on a Tuesday from now on!

    Malaysia’s a great place to find nature. I did a trek there 10 years ago. Can’t remember the name of the park though.

    Also, I’m coming from Singapore. Do you think these tips apply to budget flights?

    • Hi Regina, thank you for your comment.
      I believe budget flights ticket prices are a little bit different. For example, AirAsia, they offer a lot of promotions at different times, you can still get the last minute deals, however, for budget airlines I think it is a must to book in advanced as early as possible because the prices will go up when people starts to book.

      Thank You

  5. Wow, you have some great tips for airline travel. I normally travel in my toy hauler trailer but if I ever need to get a flight I will know where to go now. Thanks for all of the valuable information. I like the ways you save us money and time with your recommendations.

    • Hi Gary, yes, with the right approach, traveling by Plane could be more convenient and cheaper as well. You just need to find the right time to book the ticket and you are good to go.
      Hope you find these tips beneficial.


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