Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Without any doubt, traveling can be quite a challenging experience. People that do not like traveling usually gives the argument that there are too many inconveniences that prone to happen along the way. For adrenaline junkie and seasoned traveler, these troublesome circumstances are the things that made them going, getting another stamp on their passport. After all, these experience are the one that will make you grow as a person and a human being. However, not to worry! Thanks to the technology, and the ingenuity of humankind, there are a lot of travel gadgets that available at our disposal. Use the right gadget, then you will definitely upgrade your travel experience. Therefore, bear with me, I will share a few travel gadgets that might be suitable for you that plan to travel the world!

Sand Free Beach Mats

Do you love the beach but cannot stand the sand? Do you fell irritated by the sand that stuck to your body when you are trying to finish off your favorite book? Or simply, are you looking forward to a beach or island vacation in Malaysia? I just find you a great accessory that you definitely need.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

So, how does it works? Really, will it be zero sand?
Yes! Not a single grain of sand will bother you. This type of mat has a double layer weave made from 100% PE (Polyethylene). Perfect for camping and the beach, the Mat provides D-Rings around the edges to affix firmly to the ground. It can be 
cleaned easily and dries instantly should your drinks spill. Because of the technology behind it, any sand falls onto it will move through the weaves and shall not be trapped on the surface. This gadget was developed based on the technology used by the military; this type of mat is used when landing a helicopter in a dusty condition. Like a mini helipad.

There might be varieties of beach mats available in the market, however, CGear Sand-Free Mat is one of the bestsellers in There are various sizes available, variation in colors that come in several price tags.
You can get more information and product reviews here.

Sand Free Beach Tote

Still within our beach or island vacation theme. Of course, it is because there are a lot of islands and beautiful beaches in Malaysia. Redang Island, Perhentian Island, Langkawi Island, just to name a few. Of course, so much more island and beaches that are waiting to be explored in Borneo, like in Sabah.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Another accessory is also about bringing convenience to the beach. By using this bag, the Sand, Dirt & Dust will disappear before your eyes – Yes – it is that amazing. This tote is patented and might be the one and only Unique sand-free technology bags in the world. Similar to the mat above, it has a double layer weave technology that will allow sand to slide through them. It is also water-resistant, made with high-grade PVC and PE with sturdy construction and reinforced stitched seams to ensure the best quality. And of course, this bag can be cleaned with water and it offers a huge amount of space to easily accommodate beach towels, clothes and toys for the kids.

Check out these genuine product reviews and read more information regarding the product here.

Luminaid Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

I honestly think this is maybe the invention of the year or maybe the invention of the century! I could be exaggerating, but you know, this gadget brings technology to life and it improves our lifestyle greatly. With this solar powered light, you don’t have to worry about being in the dark anymore when you go out for camping. No batteries required for a nice, bright and diffuse light that lasts approximately 8 hours on the high setting. Folded up, it is slim, light and small. When inflated, it produces a cool LED light that the pillow diffuses and creates a good lantern for a ton of different uses.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Check out these genuine product reviews and read more information regarding the product on

Anker Portable Charger

A portable charger is a must especially in a world where we need to constantly be online. I know, it sounds sad. Although I don’t really recommend you to spend all of your time staring at your smartphone during the holiday, I still believe we need our smartphone ready loaded with battery most of the time when we are traveling. Of course, we want to make full use of the travel apps and using the maps on our phone to find places and obviously, taking pictures, recording videos and listening to our travel playlist. We need power on the go!

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories
Or maybe, if you are a travel blogger that fund your trip around the world by writing about your journey and need constant power for your mac or laptops. This gadget should be in your bucket list. This PowerCore+’s Ultra-High Capacity Premium Portable Charger by Anker is a solid choice if you want a lot of power. It is so powerful and popular that this portable charger is recommended by Time Magazine, due to its the PowerCore+’s 20,100 mAh capacity that can fully charge one MacBook, one iPhone and one iPad Air 2 on a single charge. Or else, it can recharge you iPhone 7 times without itself needing a recharge. Insane stuff!

Grab your PowerCore+ portable charger here.

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Have you ever wish for a pleasant noise free flight? Or maybe really wanting to fall asleep in your long-haul flight, because if you failed to get some good sleep on your long-haul flight, then you will definitely suffer a jet lagged syndrome, and there goes your vacation. Therefore, you might consider buying a good noise canceling headphone.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

With this wireless headphones, you will also immerse yourself in the beats and rhythms of your favorite tunes. Although the price might be a little bit on the high side, you will be getting a world-class noise cancellation that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better and it is incorporated with volume-optimized EQ for balanced audio performance to suit your liking.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Plus, you will enjoy its w
ireless convenience, with easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing aided by voice prompts. It has 20-hour battery life per charge; up to 40 hours in wired mode. It seems like a perfect bargain! Check out the product reviews and buy it here at

Bluesmart – Smart Carry Luggage

The Bluesmart carry-on luggage is the first suitcase to connect to your smartphone wirelessly, so you can stay charged, tracked its exact location, locked it, and keeping track your luggage weight. The charging dock comes with two USB ports, will give you the luxury to charge your phone up to six times. This will help a lot if there is no power outlet in the airport, or, maybe it will keep you away from competing with fellow travelers just for that UBS power ports.  This smart carry luggage also has a built-in SIM card to let you know where your bag is via GPS / 3G technology, anywhere in the world, for free! Thus, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage anymore.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Making thing better, there is also a scale that is conveniently built into the handle so you can monitor the weight of your luggage simply by picking it up. Plus, with this bag, it is possible to remotely lock the bag or set it to auto-lock in case you get separated from it. What a technology!

You can check the product reviews and buy it here at

Small Mini Iron

Last but not least, I think, this gadget might be useful for all travelers. A small mini travel iron can be quite handy during traveling. You do not know what is going to happen. Maybe, you just going to have a night out, or even better going for a meal with you AirBnb’s host. You definitely need to present your best self, in order to create friendship and the right first impression. You will have better self-esteem and look more approachable if you ironed your clothing. Therefore, never underestimate the importance of this tiny gadget, it will make a lot of differences for your travel.

Best and Cool Travel Gadgets and Accessories

There are many options that are available in the market. I personally think for this gadget, as long as it fits your luggage without taking too much space, then it is the right one. However, you might want to check this small travel iron that has a dual voltage compact design, with a non-stick ceramic soleplate, which can be used for dry or steam Ironing. I think with these extra features, it is a bargain for that price tag ($25).

So, these are the best travel gadgets accessories that I think worth every penny. Some of them are still on my bucket list, like the Bose Headphones and Smart Carry Luggage. Those are some of the best gadgets that I think every traveler should have one.

What do you think about these items?
Please drop your comment below.


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  1. This is a great article! Each of these items seems quite useful. Chargers are super important during travel. It only takes getting lost once when your phone is dead or dying and not being able to access google maps!

    I also will have to check out that mini iron. It looks incredibly small, which is really what you need. When backpacking, it takes 2 days max for all of your clothes to get super wrinkled and be completely unpresentable.

    • Hi Bret, you are right, it is important to have our smartphone alive during travel. That’s why, a good portable charger is a must for every traveler. and about that iron, indeed, for such price, it is worth to have one.

      Thank You

  2. I have to say that I wish we had these kinds of items available when I took my boys camping as kids. Every summer we were gone sometimes for weeks at a time and every single night, I had to have a lantern on inside of the tent. I always brought the battery kind for that and batteries that size were expensive, still are.
    Almost every summer we were at the beach or at least a lake with a sandy beach and that mat would have been a lifesaver. Us? We used a blanket and by the weeks end, you couldn’t sit on it anymore it was so dirty. Sand would always end up in the lunch food or the soda and yummy it wasn’t.
    I know that you have a really bang up site here! Very great products to take with you travelling as well. Have you ever seen an iron that small? Most of the time if I had something that needed ironing, I would have called housekeeping and paid premium dollars to get a shirt ironed too.
    Thanks for bringing this to us and sharing these great ideas. Great work. I’m thinking about purchasing that beach mat anyway for one of my kids; they have a two year old and I betcha they’d love that .

    • Hi Rene, these are undoubtedly the best innovation in the travel industry. All of these gadgets will bring us the convenience when we are traveling or camping or just having our beach vacation.

      Actually, I have found that small iron which are light and small enough to be included in my backpack. You can find it in

      Again, thanks for dropping by.

  3. I checked all the products, but the one that I find the most appealing is definitely the fabric that the towels and bags are made of.

    Cause it really doesn’t matter what beach you go to when the beaches are sandy, you know you’ll find annoying grains on, under and in just about everything you brought at the beach for the next two days. I always gotta be prepared for that.

    Now, you’re telling me that I could sit at the beach for hours without the concern of having to shake the sand in everybody’s eyes? It’s something to bear in mind.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for dropping by.
      Yes, you are right those mat and bag are the best fr beach vacation.
      Really like this innovation which can enhance our beach experience.

      Go grab one now!

  4. Hey, I just stumbled upon your site, and I must say how impressed I am.
    My friend and I lovelovelove to travel. I just have to Show her what good Gadgets you have here.
    My favourite is… actually all of them are my favourite. but must haves are the sand free mats and the Luminaid Solar-Powered Inflatable Light.
    I know she is going to love them too.
    Can’t wait for summer to come, we gonna rock it in Hamburg this year.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

    • Hi Azaro, I am glad that you find this useful.
      Those are my favorites as well. By using these items, we will definitely enhance our travel experience.
      Have a nice trip ahead!!


  5. Wow, these are great gadgets! The beach mat and tote would have been handy on my Myrtle Beach vacation where I was battling the sand all day. The tote would also be a haven for my DSLR camera, protected from the sand.

    Those Bose headphones! They are now on my shopping list on Amazon. Need those for long international flights. The mini iron is also something I would consider purchasing.

    These are all great gadgets for a trip. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jo Jo, I think you need them all. : )
      I also want all of these gadgets as well.
      Just the matter of having the money to buy it. Lol

  6. This is a very interesting read. I am going on holiday soon and would love to take some of these items with me.

    I was really impressed with the smart luggage, I cannot wait to try this out. There is nothing worse than having to worry about charging your phone while you are travelling. Phones always die on long journeys so its good to have a backup plan.

    Is it true that the smart luggage will tell you the weight of your case? This would be really handy and I look forward to trying it out.

    • Hi mate, there are many types of smart luggage in the market right now, I believe the one that could tell the weight is the most advanced one. You could find it online I believe.


  7. Wow I have never heard of beach mats. These are great for people that have babies (Like me). This came right on time as my family is planning a trip to the beach in July. It also seems very spacious and the small mini iron is to die for. I would personally buy that just to carry around in my purse. Thanks for sharing these unique and handy items!

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