Pangkor Island – Guide and Hotel Recommendation

Pangkor Island is one of the many islands that you could visit when you are in Malaysia. It is located in the state of Perak, off the coast of Lumut district; a naval town of Malaysia. Due to its strategic location and deep sea, there is a Navy Base situated nearby the Pangkor Island. The […]

Sabah, Boneo, Stargazing

Best Stargazing Spots in Malaysia

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to visit the library to read about the planets and our solar system. They are amazing. I particularly intrigued by Saturn. Its unique feature sometimes defines me as a person; the one that loves to go against what is popular and consider norm to most […]

Local Customs – Muslims in Malaysia

Amidst of the chaotic world where we all live in today, I think it is quite important for me to write this article. At least, for you, the readers of my website, I just wish that you will get an alternative point of view for this particular subject. As you might probably have known, Malaysia […]

Discover Perak – The Northern Hidden Gems

Perak Hi there, in this post, I will introduce you to a state up in the north of Malaysia – Perak. If we were to translate the name of Perak in English, it will literally meanĀ Silver. There are many tales on how Perak got its name. The most famous one is because of the presence […]