Why I want to travel the World

I had quite a great day yesterday. Spending time with my wife. We went out for a movie. She actually wanted to watch Beauty & The Beast, which I suspect largely because of Emma Watson, but you know, with all the controversies surrounding that Disney Movie, the air date has been postponed in Malaysia. So, we […]

how to travel for free

What is Award Stacking and How to Travel for Free

I remember a few years ago, I listened to a talk by a successful CEO that managed to bring his startup to a very well-known institution through out the world. I am really impressed by his works. Once an Arabic Language teacher in New York that managed to create an online platform to teach people […]

Import Export Business Opportunities – Travel and Business

You know what, I always think about having my own business someday. I think about several business ideas, the practical ones and the bad ones, and maybe today, I will try my best to introduce you one of my crazy business ideas that I got when I was shopping for things online. It happened, a few […]

Used Books for Sale Online – Irresistible Bargains

Up until now, I have written quite a few things about Malaysia. If you read the earlier articles, I have introduced some of the Malaysian dishes, some interesting places to visit and also reviews for hotels that you might want to consider staying. However, for some topics, you may require spending time reading other materials as […]

Best Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Without any doubt, traveling can be quite a challenging experience. People that do not like traveling usually gives the argument that there are too many inconveniences that prone to happen along the way. For adrenaline junkie and seasoned traveler, these troublesome circumstances are the things that made them going, getting another stamp on their passport. […]

Study in Malaysia – 8 Best Universities in Malaysia

If you are looking for more information and consider to further your study in Malaysia, I would say, you are at the right site. I may able to assist you by giving some insights on Universities in Malaysia. As education is one of the biggest investments that one could make in life, choosing the right […]