The best honeymoon all inclusive resorts in Malaysia

Nowadays, whenever I check my timeline on Facebook, I noticed that there are lots of newlyweds that are just married. It is exciting to see and witness true love being celebrated. Most people opt for a brief honeymoon holiday to further celebrate their love story. Actually, everyone dreams to have a perfect getaway in romantic […]

What is Bird Watching? – Do it in Malaysia!

I love nature, and I bet most people are. Rarely, we get the opportunity to go out of our way and be as close to nature as possible. When we talk about outdoor or nature theme of vacation, there is a huge list of activities that we can do. From camping in the woods, sunbathing on […]

How It’s Made – Satay by Malaysia Airlines

I have made a complete in-depth post about Satay and its recipe. If you have not read it yet, i suggest you to  take a look at that post first and come back here. This will make sure you will understand more about Satay and its amazing qualities. Have you try the recipe yet? I […]

What is Satay – The world’s best street food

It’s a bit greasy to start with, it’s hearty, it’s full with flavor, its sauce is sublime, creamy with crunch and pack with greatness. It’s meat on a stick, it is SATAY! The ultimate street food you will ever eat in your life. Believe me, when I described it with those adjectives, in fact, those […]

Pangkor Island – Guide and Hotel Recommendation

Pangkor Island is one of the many islands that you could visit when you are in Malaysia. It is located in the state of Perak, off the coast of Lumut district; a naval town of Malaysia. Due to its strategic location and deep sea, there is a Navy Base situated nearby the Pangkor Island. The […]

Legoland Malaysia Hotel

Complete Guide to Legoland Malaysia Theme Park – First in Asia!

Often people ask me, what are the suitable activities that they can do with their kids here in Malaysia. The idea of walking, trekking, shopping and wandering through street surely do not seem to be synonymous with kids. Thus, it’s about time for me to write an article about it. I know, although travelling with […]

Sabah, Boneo, Stargazing

Best Stargazing Spots in Malaysia

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to visit the library to read about the planets and our solar system. They are amazing. I particularly intrigued by Saturn. Its unique feature sometimes defines me as a person; the one that loves to go against what is popular and consider norm to most […]

4 Star Hotel in Penang – Stay in comfort

Previously, I have introduced you to the best of the best 5-star hotels in Penang. All of them are the greatest places to stay in Penang, mainly due to its location and the heritage it offers. Obviously, we would like to stay in a 5-star hotel if it is something that we can afford. By […]

Local Customs – Muslims in Malaysia

Amidst of the chaotic world where we all live in today, I think it is quite important for me to write this article. At least, for you, the readers of my website, I just wish that you will get an alternative point of view for this particular subject. As you might probably have known, Malaysia […]

how to travel for free

What is Award Stacking and How to Travel for Free

I remember a few years ago, I listened to a talk by a successful CEO that managed to bring his startup to a very well-known institution through out the world. I am really impressed by his works. Once an Arabic Language teacher in New York that managed to create an online platform to teach people […]