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AirAsia Flight Review
Flight report – QZ201, KUL-CGK

Another flight review post. Yes, it is. Finally, I am able to fly again. My last flight was in December 2015, quite a long time ago, so it is safe to say that I have been missing that Turbulence roller coaster ride for quite some time.

This time around, I will be flying from KLIA2, going southbound to Jakarta Soekarno Airport (CGK). I will be flying back to Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta after a 5-day stay in both Jakarta and Bandung. The overall cost of my flight is only about RM330 which is equivalent to 75USD for a round-trip flight. It is actually my first ever flight from this relatively new airport. All of my flights before were going to and from KLIA (KUL) which is the main airport in Kuala Lumpur for both international and domestic flights.

So, for you, that wonder what is the difference between these two airports? The answer is very simple. KLIA the main airport is home for Malaysian Airlines meanwhile KLIA2 is dedicated for Air Asia which is the leading Low-Cost airlines in Asia. So, basically, if you were to fly with Air Asia, KLIA2 is the airport to go.

So, back to the story, I am actually going to Jakarta and Bandung for a short holiday. It is going to be a family trip. I never fond the idea of flying with low cost airlines for family trip due to the fact that I personally find their adverts can be quite misleading sometimes, you basically get what you paid for as the fare offered is very basic and there are lots of another add-on that will be charged accordingly if you feel like having those extra benefits. Don’t get me wrong, I have flown countless RyanAir and Easyjet flights before. Those were for my young and easy days when I don’t have to worry about anyone else except me, but with the family trip, it is better to fly with carriers other than the low cost.

AirAsia Online Booking Ticket

We just opted to fly with AirAsia and went for the cheapest flight available after comparing the prices from each available carriers at Skyscanner, and it was AirAsia (no surprise really). Although I may have lost track on how ‘cheap’ they were after those baggage and meals add-ons, I still believe the fare was still decent. You could always book your AirAsia tickets online on their website but I highly advise you to check and compare the price first at Skyscanner just to make sure you really get the cheapest flight available online, as sometimes, low-cost carrier has the tendency to not reveal all the imposed charges. So, be aware.

AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta Flight Review

So, here we go.
I was planned to fly AirAsia flight QZ201.
The scheduled take-off time was 2.55pm KUL time. However, I don’t know, maybe because of the bad weather, our flight was delayed for about 1hr and 20minutes. We actually got on the plane on time, however, after quite a long queue, and a whole lot of time of boredom, we finally took off from the runway. I felt a little bit irritated about the delay, but, that’s life man. You will stumble upon things that you don’t like sometimes.

AirAsia Flight Reviews

Finally coasting through that magnificent clouds


Off we go! It was a smooth take-off.
Although, the plane frequently went ‘free-fall that made you feel like peeing’, yeah, I do not like that feeling, we managed to go up to the sky soundly.

This Airbus A330-200 is just like any other flights of its kind. Mostly used for a short and medium haul. Surprisingly, the legroom was quite decent. It is enough although it is not luxurious like other stellar flights like A380, it is comfortable enough for this short flight.

AirAsia Online Booking Ticket Review

Enough legroom

I actually almost forget how it feels like cramping in a pressurised vessel in thousand of feets above the ground. After a period of noticeable and terrifying turbulent above the Singapore airspace, the plane finally went smooth. At that point, I just do not want to recall back all those Air Crash investigation episodes that I used to watch. For you that have fear of flying, I warn you, never watch this show, it will keep you away from travelling and flying to other countries.

AirAsia Food Menu

Then, it was the meal time. Like any other low-cost airlines, the in-flight meal is considered as an add-on. Although it is relatively a short flight, I opted to pre-book a meal, as it is my first time flying AirAsia, I just want to gauge, how good their performance in the kitchen department.

I opted for Nasi Lemak, a unique dish in south-east Asia. For your information, AirAsia is now in the ‘Santan’ promotional period. That means, most of their food menu revolved around Santan which is coconut milk. So yeah, all of them could be considered as a very hearty dish that surely makes you full.

AirAsia Food Menu

Nasi Lemak by AirAsia

About the Nasi Lemak, they made it like the traditional version, which impressed me as they do not go overboard and make things crazy until it loses all its identity. With this meal, I got half of a hard-boiled egg, sambal, fried anchovies and peanuts with special chicken rendang in it.

Although it missed out fresh sliced cucumber, this dish is actually good. It still tasted fresh and warm. Maybe, the one thing that disappoints me was the anchovies were already soggy and not crispy as it should be, it will happen when you reheat fried food but of course, the bar for in-flight foods should not be too high right? So, in overall it was good, way above the rest of other airlines meals.

AirAsia Food Menu

For in-flight meal, this pack of Nasi Lemak has won my heart

Other than Nasi Lemak, you will find other food menus like Chicken Biriyani, Chicken Rice, Green Curry Set, Chicken Satay, MeatBalls and Macaroni for kids, Nasi Kuning and other meals as well. The only thing is, some menu might not be featured on certain flights as they customised their menu according to the destination. Therefore, it is best to check first prior to your flight.

AirAsia Cabin Crew selling foods

The meal service will be available throughout the flight, so do not worry if you don’t pre-book your flight.

Then after that delicious meal, after a while, we started to enter the Jakarta’s Airspace and the plane was about to land. I am actually amazed by the skyline of Jakarta City. There are buildings all over the horizon, as far as I can see. This might be one heck of a busy city I believe.

So, after a quite an uneventful flight, except for that turbulence and that tasty Nasi Lemak, I arrived in the Soekarno Hatta Airport, about 1 hour late.

AirAsia flight Review

Jakarta Skyline view, buildings all over the horizon

In overall, I will definitely recommend AirAsia, it is a very great value for money. Don’t forget to try out their in-flight meals if you happened to fly with AirAsia.

And for now, I wonder what awaits me in Jakarta!

Signing off from
QZ201, Soekarno Hatta Airport.

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