Complete Guide to Legoland Malaysia Theme Park – First in Asia!

Often people ask me, what are the suitable activities that they can do with their kids here in Malaysia. The idea of walking, trekking, shopping and wandering through street surely do not seem to be synonymous with kids. Thus, it’s about time for me to write an article about it. I know, although travelling with kids seems a daunting idea for parents, especially the thought of surviving a long-haul flight with toddlers. However, I believe most parents are confident enough with the abilities to make sure their kids behave during the trip, thus wanting to explore options that are available to have a great time together as a family. I think you will have to struggle a bit, but you know what, people say, pain is temporary, the memories will stay forever!

For me, the biggest challenge when travelling with kids is to make sure they feel entertained. Only then, it will keep the tantrums away. It sounds simple, but for kids with a short attention and excitement span, it is safe for me to tell you, it is going to be a battle! Therefore, if you are looking for a place to keep them entertained and having the best time of their life, I would suggest you to visit one of the best amusement and theme parks in Malaysia, in fact, one of the best in the world – Legoland!

Legoland Malaysia Resort

Have you ever step foot on your child’s lego and felt the cringing pain from those tiny little interconnected colourful blocks. I have experienced it before, and I bet most parents too. Simply due to its popularity, Lego has been a must have toys for households with kids all over the world. It is produced by a Danish family-owned company that based in Billund, Denmark, and these tiny little interlocking plastic blocks are an obsession that most kids have throughout the world. Thus, if your kids love Lego so much, this amusement and theme park resort will be the right choice.

Legoland® Malaysia is located in Johor Bahru, or to be exact in Nusajaya district. It is the first international theme park in Malaysia, in fact, it is the first Legoland® in Asia; the sixth park of its kind to bring visitors across the globe on a brick-tastic journey of LEGO adventures. Yes, there are only six Legolands in the world.

How to get there

There are several transportation options to Johor Bahru (JB). Assuming that you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, then you could;

  • Drive – It will take around 4 hours to reach JB by car), in case you are renting a car, this will be the best option
  • Flight – Daily flights are available from KLIA2 to Senai International Airport and it will take only 45 minutes to reach JB from KL. Check and compare the flight prices here by using skyscanner. From Senai Airport, it will be another 20 to 30minutes drive to JB.
  • Public Transportation – I do not recommend you to hire a cab from KL to JB. It will be too much cost to bear. However, there are coaches and buses available from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) that operate daily with so many departure time options. It will be a 6-hour journey by bus though. So, check out the link above.
  • Train – It is feasible to reach JB from KL Sentral by using train but it involves change of station at Gemas plus you have to buy two separate tickets, I believe can be troublesome when traveling with kids, so, not recommended.

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park

In general, we can divide this theme park into two main sections; Its actual Lego Theme Park and its Water Park. The Lego Theme Park can be further divided into seven sub-themes

Lego® NINJAGO™ World

  • This is the place to become a Master of Spinjitzu (an American–Danish action comedy family animated TV series that centres on the adventures of six ninjas). Put your ninja skills to the ultimate test here!


  • In the heart of this Legoland, there is a miniland that utilised more than 30 million LEGO® bricks to showcase famous landmarks from 17 Asian countries such as India’s Taj Mahal, Petronas Twin Towers in KL, Singapore’s famous Merlion, Angkor Wat and even China’s ultimate Great wall and The Forbidden City. It is a great place to instil the love or architecture and culture in your kid’s heart. This is also a great place to kickstart your journey across Asia, you know, by learning about other Asian countries’ landmarks and culture – the snippets.
Logland Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Scene made up of Lego bricks


  • The next section of Legoland park is inspired by play zones for little kids plus plenty of buildings, racing and sky-rising activities for big heroes alike. From play town, Lego Studio to Observation tower, this will be a lifetime experience for your children.

Lego® Technic

  • Moving on to the next section of Legoland, I just hope that you have the endurance to enjoy more! More fun and activities here. There will be a thrilling wave surf, Lego academy for educational workshops and LEGO®building zones, and Lego Mindstorms for robot enthusiasts. Plus, in this section, you will be ecstatic if you are a fan of Star Wars as there are more Star Wars legos in its miniland. Other than these cool activities, there will be more rides that are available. So, in short, this section will be the highlight of your trip with action-packed rides and workshops for budding robot scientists and Star Wars’ fans. Phewww, quite a long description, I just really don’t want to understate its fun attribute.
Legoland Malaysia


Lego® Kingdom

  • Here you are, in a place where you can imagine living in the medieval age. If you are familiar with the Merlin TV Show, then you will find some resemblance in its setting. Get back in time when you cross the drawbridges and enter a magnificent castle to explore the legendary folklore of fearsome dragons and fearless knights. Oh yeah, there will be more roaring coaster rides for you to hop on, just make sure you have the guts!
Legoland Malaysia Hotel

Legoland Castle

Land of Adventure

  • Then it is time to travel further back in time, the next section will bring you to a journey into the forgotten worlds of Pharoahs and dinosaurs! They give warnings about unknown surprises that await the visitors in this part of the park, of course, right, without those surprises and the unknowns, it will not be an adventure. Just be ready to ride the Dino Island Journey, a thrilling ride up a lost, forgotten volcano on a log boat that sails past animated LEGO® dinos and crashes down into a raging water pool. It’s going to be wet for sure.
Legoland Malaysia Resort

Dino Island Ride

Lego® City

  • Last but not least, a visit to a real life-sized lego city. In this part of the park, your children will be able to be a pilot and climb into colourful aeroplanes. There is also live performance to entertain visitor and a famous rescue academy that will allow your kids to power a LEGO® fire engine and save a burning building using hand-powered water hoses. It’s going to be a true test of fitness, agility and skills, just the right thing to do to spare those energy left after a whole day experience in the park.

Legoland Malaysia Water Park

There are more to Legoland® Malaysia other than its LEGO-based attractions theme park though, therefore, a 1-day visit is not enough. I would highly suggest you spend at least two days here at the Legoland Malaysia. The first day to explore its theme park, and the next day just for the fun in its water park. There are so many rides to enjoy here, so many to be listed one by one. It is suitable for adults as apart from those rides and tubes for children, there is an iconic Wave Rider – a 240 feet high open body slide tunnel of terror and terrific thrills. Not for a faint of heart. I think I just let you explore the water park map below.

Legoland Malaysia Resort

Water Park Map

Legoland Malaysia Price Package (Combo)

Legoland Malaysia Resort Price Combo Legoland Malaysia Price Combo

As I said before, I definitely suggest you spend 2 days here, but if you don’t have the time, there are always options to cater your need. These are the combo prices as advertised on the official Legoland Malaysia website. This is the only price that you will get if you book in advance, and the price for Malaysian with MyKad will be a little bit different that these. FYI – RM100 is about 22USD / 21Euros / 18GBP. Oh, one little detail that I forget to mention is its operation hours which is (10 am until 7 pm)

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

If you want to be as close as the theme park or you just want a complete Lego experience for your kids, then I would highly suggest you book your stay in Legoland Hotel Malaysia. The interesting about this hotel is the fact that they have several themes for each of their rooms; Themed Room – Kingdom, Adventure or Pirate.

Legoland Hotel Malaysia Review

Pirate Theme Room

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Adventure Themed Room

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Kingdom Themed Room

A normal themed room will able to guest 5 persons including your kids. There are bunk beds available, so not to worry. The price per night is about 150USD. You can even upgrade your experience with premium themed room with a slight price difference. I would highly suggest you book it through as they often give out deals and discounts. Plus, the key to getting discounts is to book during the off-season and weekday, after all, you don’t want to spend time at theme park on peak season and wasting time to queue for rides.

Be sure that Legoland Hotel Malaysia is the right place to spend your night with, the price is worth it just for its unique rooms. Plus you are paying for a stay in 4-star resort with 3 restaurants and free breakfast. It received very high marks from guest reviews in Tripadvisor and You can get more information about the hotel and read the real quests reviews here.

Other Hotel near Legoland Malaysia

If maybe you are not interested in staying at Legoland Hotel Malaysia then not to worry, there are many other hotels nearby that are kids friendly too. Browse here at

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  1. Wow! Who would have thought that Malaysia would be almost a capitol city for all things Lego!

    I have a younger nephew who is obsessed with Legos. Would you say it’s similar to Disneyland or Disneyworld in that many who go and enjoy it are adults as well?

    Very cool that not only do they have full parks but hotel complexes too. Great review!

    • Hi Eric, why does it seems like a surprise for you?
      Yeah, we have theme park in Malaysia, unlike the typical stigma that outsiders think about Malaysia; where we still live in the jungle and hunt for our foods. Lols.

      I would say Disneyland is more elaborate theme parks as there are lots of disney movies, but you know for Legoland, they focus on the Lego as the subject, but as I mentioned above, they are 7 zones of the theme parks which are all amazing.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. hi M.Ramlee, this is absolutely spot on! =) Thank you for this =) I’d soon bring my kids here. I have been to Malaysia but unfortunately, this wasn’t part of the itinerary we did. But now with your guidance, we will definitely be back. My kids love Lego, so as their dad (me, hehehe), so it would surely be a blast for them and for me, and my wife =) Thanks again =)

    • H Andrade, great to hear that you found this useful.
      Please come back again sometime in the future, and do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything.


  3. Wow, your Malaysia Legoland article is great! Good job. It is complete and neat. I had pinned it already in my bucket list of places to go with my familly.

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