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Without a doubt, one of the common concerns that most travellers have is finding the affordable and cheap flight tickets. Of course, especially when we are talking about travelling to places in the far east like Malaysia. The price tag of these flight tickets can sometimes be quite hefty. It is important for us travellers getting the best deals to ease off the burden of becoming the world’s traveller. Whatever it is, never let this situation hinders you to get another stamp in your passport. There is numerous way to get around this situation. When life gives you curve ball, embrace it! Like the times when you embrace all the challenges, you faced during your travel.


As for me, a frequent traveller from the UK to Malaysia which is thousands of miles apart, finding affordable flight ticket is always a priority for me. Obviously, there is no low-cost carrier flying across continents. Sadly, there isn’t one. But, who wants to fly a long haul flight with a low-cost carrier anyway? You definitely do not want to get stuck in a low-cost aircraft cabin with uncomfortable booster for 13 hours journey or eating a stale pricey sandwich as your meal. Forget it, as for me, I want it to be as comfortable as possible, even if I have to spend a little bit more money. Therefore, as for me getting a flight ticket deal is always my on top of my list.

My secret of finding cheap flight ticket is to always make the price comparison and to do it, I often use travel providers to help me secure the bargain. One of my favourite travel providers is Expedia. You might probably have heard of its name before, but for you that are not familiar with Expedia, it is an American company that owns and operates several international global online travel brands including eponymous Expedia.com, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Trivago and many others. These are all giant names in travel industry, so, I know that it is legit! I can rely on them without having fear of being scammed. After all, I reckon that they manage to give so many discounts and deals because they are so big, with so many subsidiaries, in short they are like the Goliath of travel provider. They got the power!

Expedia Deals

Like any other travel providers, there are so many promotions that will lure you to always apply for your next annual leave, pack your backpack and embrace the world. Every service provider will have their own way in marketing their products. Likewise Expedia, there are many promotions and deals for you to grab. The most notable promotions package by Expedia are;

  • Daily Deals – Yes, they give out discounts and deals on daily basis!
  • Bundle Deals – Even more discount when you combine Flight with Hotel and more savings if you opt for Car rental too. I highly suggest you make combined bookings for more discounts.
  • Last minute Deals – Don’t worry, they got your backs covered!
  • Rewards – It is a really cool loyalty program. Go check it out.
  • Expedia Sale – On top of the ongoing deals, they will also do sales throughout the year

Therefore, the best way for you to not miss out these great deals is to sign up for their newsletter and make sure you will be the first one to know and the first one to book the next deal.

Expedia Airline Tickets Flight

Expedia Flights

So, getting back to our initial topic on how to secure cheap flight tickets to Malaysia by using Expedia?
Head down to their website here at Expedia.com

Expedia Airline Tickets Flight

Search for the airport of your destination, key in the dates and other relevant information. What they will do afterwards is the key for you to secure the best deal. The system will list every carrier that fly from your origin airport to your destination. This makes it easy for you to compare the price of each carrier. You can decide whether you want to fly direct, having transits or multiple stopovers. It is up to you. This way, it makes it easier for you to choose the itinerary that suits you.

Book Airline Flight Online

For me, the secret to get cheap flight ticket is always timing. Timing is important. Like I said, Expedia and other travel providers often give out deals. Of course you do not want to miss it. Plus, it is hard for us, the normal people to know when is the right time to book airline ticket. Therefore, we need a way to always monitor the price, and when it reaches the price that is affordable for us, we straight away book it.

Book Airline Flight Online

Then, here comes Expedia price alerts!
The one feature that makes me appreciate them so much. As for me, I plan when I want to travel carefully, I set the dates, but I leave some room for a little flexibility as well. I register my email for price alerts in Expedia.com. This way, I will be able to monitor the trend of the price tickets. By knowing the price trend, I will be able to avoid the peak season, the one thing you should know if you want to secure cheap flight. If possible never travel during peak seasons as everything will become a little bit more expensive.

That is it actually. This is the secret of getting a cheap flight for a long journey. It works for me, obviously, it will work for you too. Why don’t you give it a try?
Don’t forget to drop comments below, maybe if you have experience using Expedia as well.

Till next post, Thank You.

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  1. I am planning on taking a trip out of the country later on this year, but I have never bought tickets for international flights before.

    This post is very helpful, and I know it will help when looking for the best deals for my tickets. Thanks again for the info!

  2. This is a really useful run down of the facilities available on Expedia and how to maximise the opportunities to save on airline tickets – thanks so much for sharing.

    I wasn’t aware of price alerts and so on, so that has really helped me out.

    I’d like to echo your comment regarding flexibility – my limited experience of booking longhaul flights is that you need to allow a few days either side of your desired dates in order to get the best prices – travelling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and so on.

    Question – I wasn’t really aware of Expedia rewards either – how does that work?



  3. Hello again Habil,
    I love Expedia, the deals work and even I personally use it myself for my flight to and fro the UK. They’re very reliable and very secure too.

    Just a question though, I heard that if we book early like more than one month, the price will lessen by double. Is this true? Quite curious to find out 😀

    • Hi Shah, it depends. I dont think that will always be the case. We cant predict the way airline maekwt their price, the case you said might not be true during peak season. So, the best thing to do is to set the price that you think low enough and you feel worth it and willing to pay, sign up for price alert, and get the notifications when the price hits low.


  4. Malaysia sounds like a very interesting and awesome place to travel. I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Southeast Asia. I was thinking either Bali in Indonesia or Malaysia. Which do you think is better in terms of tourism?

    I actually recently used Expedia when booking a flight to Vegas and I must say the experience was perfect. I got the lowest possible price with Expedia over any other side I could find and I liked getting the e-mail reminders days before my actual flight. Thanks for recommending them and for going through some of their daily deals. They always have deals like that going on, which is great for routine travelers!

    • Hi Peter, yeah, the daily deals are great, it is best to subscribe for their newsletter to nit miss these promotions.

      Thank Yo

  5. I booked my last international flight through Expedia and found cheap round trip tickets for me and my family to go to Nicaragua. Thanks to these low priced tickets we were able to save money on the actual travel portion and more on the adventure portion of our trip!

    The one down side to cheap tickets: multiple connecting flights and layover are tough especially with a kid!

    • Hey Rhett, thanks for your comment.

      Like I said, the trafe off for a cheap flight is usually layover or transits, however, I am fine with it as it is the opportunity to visit yer another country, however, it might be unpleasant when travelling with kids. It depends on how we see and plan it.


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