How It’s Made – Satay by Malaysia Airlines

I have made a complete in-depth post about Satay and its recipe. If you have not read it yet, i suggest you to  take a look at that post first and come back here. This will make sure you will understand more about Satay and its amazing qualities. Have you try the recipe yet? I hope you have.

Today, I just want to share a short documentary-ads by Malaysia Airline, showing how they made their signature in-flight dish – Satay! They feature Rhys William in this video; a lad from UK that is now currently living in Malaysia. You can visit his website here. His website’s name is ‘MatSallehCariMakan’ which could litterally be translated as ‘A white guy finds foods’. Mat Salleh is a term most Malaysians use for White Guy or Western Guy.

The interesting thing about William is because of his proficiency in speaking Malay language. Some of you may noticed about Mat Dan; another chap from UK that used to be a backpacker but finally settled down in Kapas Island in Malaysia for years, picked up the local language and just recently married a Malaysia Girl. So, William and Mat Dan are both quite famous in Malaysia and have their own TV Show about travel and stuff. However, the difference between William and Mat Dan is William speaks formal Malay language while Mat Dan has a very thick east-coast accent that even normal Malaysians will have a difficulty to comprehend.

So, let’s watch this Satay-making video! Enjoy.
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As you can see, these are the steps to make Satay from scratch. I believe they have to skew those meats by hand, and that is the thing that make Satay special, it will always have that human touch in it.

For your information, Satay has become a must have dish in Malaysia Airlines’ menu for years. Through thick and thin times of Malaysia Airlines, you know with all the incidents that happened to MH370 and MH17, Satay still remain strong and retain its popularity among the passengers.

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With that note, hope that you will try the Satay Recipe soon.
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