How to eat like local – Things to eat in Ipoh, Malaysia

In the previous post, I have touched a little bit about Ipoh which is the capital of Perak. If you have not read the article yet, I highly suggest you read it here.

In this article, I will write about three personal favourites. Foods that I must eat when I am nearby Ipoh.
Of course, it is an injustice to say that these are the best foods amongst all, there are just too many to be listed. So yeah, when you are around Ipoh, go find these foods.

1) Laksa Telur Bersarang – Taman Botani, Ipoh

Things to eat in Ipoh

A hearty bowl of laksa will surely make your day

For you that wonder what is this dish all about, I understand. This might look very foreign to you, especially if you never step your foot in Malaysia. To simplify things, let me just say that, its main components are;

  • Laksa – some sort of slippery noodles, but not like the Chinese wheat noodles. I believe laksa is made of rice
  • Spicy fish broth –  this is the key, a good laksa needs good broth. I now it might sound a bit odd especially if you don’t like fish. But, this broth is to die for. If you want to eat like a local, you got to try this
  • Nested egg – Besides some green garnishes, this dish is topped with a nested egg (egg fried in a very hot oil that gave it stringy looks). This egg gives the dish character, it adds the texture and rich taste to it.
Things to eat in Ipoh

The nested egg and Laksa, ready to be served.

If you plan to visit this place, please be reminded to be patient. I warn you, it is very hard to find empty seats. You have to queue for the foods and wait for available seats. I believe there is no reservation system as it is just a very casual eatery place where the local flocks to.

2) Bubur Perak, Bota

Things to eat in Ipoh

From top left; Corn porridge, wheat porridge, black bean porridge, honeybee porridge. Bubur means Porridge in English

For the dessert lovers out there, this place might be your place to go. Eat dessert Malaysian way. The place is situated a bit off from Ipoh, about 30 minutes away, in Bota. However, it worth the fuss to go out of your way to this very humble stall. It is located by the highway, thus, a lot of people will drop by to get a bowl of deliciousness before continuing with the drive.

Things to eat in Ipoh

An array of sweet porridge selections, choose the one suits your liking.

About the food, they specialised themselves in sweet porridge. In is in the Malaysian culture to eat hearty and comforting foods like porridge. The savoury and sweet one. It is very common back in the old days, people make used the staples that they got inside their household and make the best out of it. Therefore you can find almost anything make into sweet porridge. My personal favourite is the Black bean porridge.
If you want to eat like a local in Malaysia, go find this comfort food!

3) Nasi Vanggey, Greentown

Things to eat in Ipoh

Nasi Vanggey @ Nasi Ganja literally means Weed’s Rice in English

This one is definitely the Indian touch into everyday Malaysian lives. It got its famous nickname as weed’s rice for being so addictive. It is basically rice with selections of other dishes, top with a special condiment that made it so addictive. The way local likes it is rice with succulent spicy fried chicken, alongside with salted egg, drench with curry gravy and some greens. Go find this eating spot, this might be the highlight of your trip to Malaysia.

That’s all for today, I will definitely write some more foods article in the future.
Don’t forget to drop some comments.

Thank You

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  1. Reading this post whilst hungry was not a good idea.

    Do you know of any major brands that do food similar to these dishes in the UK? I particularly like the look of the Nasi Vanggey dish but the Laksa Telur Bersarang dish also looks great. I can’t cook to save my life though so if you know of any brands that offer ready-made meals similar to these, please do tell.

    • Hi James, unfortunatley no. I lived in Manchester for 4 years before, never encounter ready-made dishes in store. Especially for authentic dishes like the one I’ve mentioned in this post.

      Maybe it’s time for you to visit Malaysia?


      • “Maybe it’s time for you to visit Malaysia?”

        I would love to. I have been to Thailand several times and loved their dishes. Except for that stinky squid they often cooked on the roadside.

        • Yes, indeed maybe your next visit to south east asia will be to Malaysia. As far that I can remember, I don’t think we have any stinky squid dishes. Lol.
          Have a great day mate!

  2. All of these dishes look incredible! I have yet to travel to Malaysia, but it is on my list for the next year. Finding great food is a huge aspect of my travels and your guide has helped a lot! It is unfortunate that we’d have to wait at some of these popular places, but you can always tell where the best food is with the longest queues!

    • Hi there, yes, it is true that sometimes popular spots will cost us time, to wait in line, but make sure that the spots are not just typical tourist attractions. To get the authentic taste, you have to eat where the locals eat. Make sure the people that are queuing are locals, then, you will surely got the deal!


  3. The laksa actually looks really good, and I like those type of noodles, so this dish would be very yummy. I am curious about the porridge. Is it similar to a pudding, yet in different flavors? I think I would like that also! And the last dish, Nasi Vanggey, Greentown, also looks good. Is that rice on the plate as well? I think I would like to try all of these!

    • Hi Matt’s mom, the porridge is not like pudding at all, the texture depends on the main ingredient. For example if you choose corn porridge, it will be quite crunchy. Yes, it is rice on the plate, in which you can add in other dishes to accompany it.

      Hope you will visit Malaysia soon!

  4. What a treat it was for me to view your site and the wonder food on display.

    Being on your site I certainly felt welcome and eager to learn more about the food, and everything about. The pictures were great and the ambience was perfect for a traveler to see….

    My recommendation to you from a foodie standpoint is to make sure you share details of each ingredient and culture and purpose in the food. For me, it puts is all together…. and sets you apart from others that may introduce the culture.

    I thank you very much for your sharing and certainly have an interest in exploring much more.

    Thank you for the opportunity…..

    • Hi Robert, thank you for dropping your comments here. I will try my best to detail out the ingredients in future post. Thanks again for your feedback.

  5. Wow, they look delicious. I’ve tried to make Laksa myself, but have never eaten an authentic Malaysian Laksa. The nested egg on Laksa Telur Bersarang particularly looks very nice. I’d love to try it.

    Bubur Perak – they are all dessert, right? Means they’re sweet with added sugar? …Sorry it’s obvious, but I’ve never eaten corn sweetened myself, so it’s hard to imagine what it tastes like. But all four flavours together, look very colourful. Which one would you recommend the most?

    Nasi Vanggey equally looks delicious, I must visit Ipoh when I visit Malaysia and try them all.
    Thanks for the great page.

    • Hi Ray, thanks for your comments.
      Interesting, how do you make your own Laksa? It is impressive.
      Yes, bubur Perak are all dessert. although there is added sugar in it, it is not overly sweet, the sweetness level is just nice. All of them are equally good, but I like the black beans one.

      Hope you will be able to taste them all.

  6. Wow I’m hungry now after looking and reading at all this!
    I love Asian food but I must admit that Malaysia is probably the one country in Asia I have tried not that much food from.
    The Nasi vanggey looks particularly good and I think I will be googling a recipe for me to try and make soon!
    Thank you for opening my eyes to these meals I had never heard of before..

    • Hi Neil, thanks for dropping your comment.

      Naei vanggey is one of the must try food if you visit ipoh, Perak. You might make it yourself but I have tonsay that the real might be slightly hard to imitate. Maybe you can plan your visit to Malaysia soon.

      Thank yo

  7. All of those dishes look amazing!! I have traveled over a good part of the world and one thing that I love about travelling is trying new food. I will try anything and everything – one of the benefits of not being a picky eater 🙂
    I have yet to go to Malaysia but when I make it there one day, I will definitely try these mmm
    Do you recommend any Malaysian restaurants in Toronto?

    • Hi Nicki, like you, I am also after the foods when I traveled. We can learn so much about culture from the foods alone. Maybe you can plan your visit here soon!
      I am sorry, but I have never been in Toronto or Canada, wish that some day I will be able to visit your beautiful country as well.

  8. Just looking at this web page is making me hungry!
    I’m not as adventurous as I used to be about eating exotic things but the dishes you mention here look and sound tempting and delicious.
    I’ve had a friend from Malaysia for many years and she has invited me over for dinner a couple of times to try some authentic Malaysian food … so good!

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