Turkish Airlines Review

Manchester to Kuala Lumpur, 
Turkish Airlines, Economy (Long Haul Flight Review)

Hi, this will be a review of my experience with Turkish Airlines. I believe, there are a lot of Turkish Airlines reviews out there on the net. However, I feel like I have to add another one as I really love this courier. It’s been my favourite for quite a long time. Maybe someday, I think that I should write this review in TripAdvisor forums as well, they are so good that deserve credits.

So, this time, I was travelling from Manchester to Kuala Lumpur. I took a bus to go to Manchester Airport, very convenient and cheap.

Turkish Airlines Long Haul Review

Stagecoach Bus No 43 from Downtown Manchester to the airport

It was on a summer morning. Relatively sunny compared to the typical day.This time along, I grab this book to accompany me on this long-haul journey. You know, reading could be one of the fun things you do when you are bored especially to kill the time during a long flight.

Turkish Airlines Long Haul Review

A rather complex read that I usually opt for a long haul journey

The first leg of the flight was for 4 hours, then I opted for an 8 hours transit, as this was my very first time landing in Istanbul, so why not go out and check the historic old town of Istanbul.

The second leg of the flight consumed more than 9 hours. Therefore, if you are planning to fly to Kuala Lumpur from Manchester or UK, it will generally take more than 15 hours for a shorter transit but for me, it was merely 21 Hours of travelling time. Note that a direct flight from London Heathrow will only take you 13 Hours to reach Kuala Lumpur.

But…if it is what it takes to head home, my beautiful Malaysia, I’ll do it always.

So here we go!!
This time, I boarded economy. I managed to flown business class once. With Turkish Airlines as well, I will write the review later.

I boarded the plane, to my liking, the Turkish airline seat was quite comfy. The legroom was adequate. I remember the cabin was not full. I got all three seats for myself. Now..we’re talking! Oh, one more thing about Turkish Airlines, they will give you a taste of what Turkey is before taking off. The cabin crew distributed a piece of Turkish Delight to us once we settled down.


Turkish Airlines Long Haul Review

Spacious legroom

Straight after the airline cruised in a steady altitude, the cabin crew handed me the menu for our in-flight meals. I’m excited. Based on the reviews I read online about Turkish airlines, most people felt that their meal is a different league. Actually, this was one of the main reasons why I choose to fly with Turkish Airlines besides wanting to have transit in Istanbul.

The in-flight experience

So, this was my meal. The chicken was juicy enough. I was quite afraid to be served dry chicken meat. But I was lucky! The chicken was succulent with enough satay sauce to give me the teaser of heading home. The rice was fluffy, ratatouille tasted fresh, but I didn’t like the beans..never like beans. That almond cake was like definitely tasted better than it humble look. Plus I got that small cheese and cracker box. In overall, the meal was above average.

Turkish Airlines Long Haul Review

Surely, Turkish Airlines scored a lot of brownie points for their meal

Is Turkish Airline good? – If someone ever asks me this question, I will definitely say yes! In fact, this very first experience was the starting point that made me joined their frequent fliers program. It was worth it. Value for money and very satisfying.

Turkish Airlines Long Haul Review

I really like sitting by the window, this view always mesmerise me, if only I am good at painting, this will be cool drawing ideas

Transit in Istanbul

I spent few hours in the old city of Istanbul. Managed to wander around, visited one of the hammams. This country is so beautiful, I wish that one day I will have my holiday in Oludeniz; famous for it blue lagoon, but such place is available in Malaysia too.

Transit in Istanbul

The famous Hagia Sophia


Transit in Istanbul

Blue Mosque

Transit in Istanbul

Spice Bazaar

Turkish Hospitality

Later, I continued my second leg of the flight, because of tiredness, I felt asleep early, only awoken after my dry throat was screaming for something to quench the thirst. To the back alley I went, I found no cabin crews, but they left us with all the drinks and basically we can just help ourselves.

Transit in Istanbul

All you can drink

More plus points!!

In overall, this was a very enjoyable flight. It made me attached to Turkish Airlines.

Tasekkur Ler!

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  1. A very informative web site, if your looking for a holiday of a life time then this site makes you feel like you should of been there yesterday.
    It is very well written and easy to use , with a good amount of photos to accompany the articles, it covers all aspects of malaysian experience.
    In your apinion when is the best time to go for warm weather not hot weather?

    • Hi Gareth,

      If weather is your concern, I suggest you to visit a month before monsoon season. You will still enjoy warm weather but it is not scorching hot.

      So, around oct-nov is the best time for you

  2. Going to Malaysia has always been a dream of mine, but I’m wondering if Turkish Airways has flights out of Florida? I can travel to either Jacksonville or Orlando to reach their international airports.

    How did you manage to get three seats to yourself? I have never been that lucky. I’m always sitting next to someone who’s either obnoxious or snores lol!

  3. I love Turkey, but I always wondered if all the hype surrounding Turkish Airline was justified, or if it was just the result of good marketing … I’m referring in particular to all the ads with Lionel Messi that were broadcasted on Italian TV a couple of years ago. Your review tells me that I should definitely give it a try, even on a long flight. This summer I’m going to China, so … who knows 🙂

    • In my honest opinion, they are the best European carrier. Even on par with Emirates for economy flight and its business class is also very good. You should give it a try

  4. I will be honest, I have never traveled with Turkish Airlines but i do have my fair share of flying experience.

    I actually live in Rhodes (Greece) and across the water I can see Turkey 🙂

    Anyway, been from Manchester UK originally I go back there sometimes to see family and friends but more often than not I fly with Aegean Airlines and Easy Jet.

    I wanted to ask, does Turkish Airlines operate out of Rhodes Airport? I have never noticed.

    I am always looking for a better deal and the information you have offered here looks like it could be a good experience.



    • Hi Towers, you are really lucky to live in such a beautiful place!
      I don’t think Turkish Airlines operates to Rhodes. They only fly to Athens and Thessaloniki.
      I flown Aegean and Easyjet before. Of course easyjet is not the comparable carrier,
      but, I have to tell you that the difference between Aegean and Turkish Airlines is like the earth and the sky.
      TA is head and shoulder better than Aegen Airlines.

      Maybe if you can afford more time to travel to Athens and then catch the TA flight there if you feel like trying something new.


  5. I have not traveled with Turkish Airlines before. I do not travel with airplanes usually but now it seems the best option. Turkish Airlines are the main sponsor of Euroleague so I have heard again (I am from Greece). Comparing to other alternatives to travel from Greece to Malaysia is cheaper or more expensive?

  6. Greetings,

    Well, you just sold me on Turkish Airlines!!!

    I believe my mouth was watering a bit, looking at your meal – that really is incredible! It sounds like the staff go above and beyond, to make sure all passengers feel special.

    I took a peak at you bio: fascinating! I totally agree with what you said, about people only showing the “good stuff” to others on their social media pages. Like you said, there are some things that will happen, that will not be so pretty. If I was traveling to a foreign country, I would want to know the sites to see, as well as what to avoid. I appreciate your desire to share your mishaps, so that others may be spared.

    The pictures you provide of your travels are absolutely stunning!!!

    • Hi Veronica, I’m glad you find this interesting.

      Indeed I still believe that TA is very good and worth every pennies.

      If you have the chance give them a try!

  7. Hi,

    I’m glad I came across this review as I am currently looking at flights from Perth to Manchester and Turkish airlines is coming up as the cheapest.
    The next cheapest in Qatar airways who I have used before and was very impressed with, but if you would recommend Turkish Airlines then I will probably go with them as they are $100 cheaper!

    • Hi Neil, rest assure Turkish Airlines is the best, I’ve never flown Qatar Airways before but my mate had. He also had flown TA too, and of course, we end up loving TA. Don’t forget to have your transit in Istanbul if you can

  8. I am looking to go to Turkey some-time in the near future. Istanbul to be precise. Never been there. I have almost always used Emirates which I love. So I found this review quite interesting as i always compare airlines against Emirates. Thank you for the review.

    I like the in-flight entertainment aesthetics. I must say i think it is nicer than the Emirates one. I do like white.

    Turkish Delight? Interesting. I have bever come across an airline that does that. Good to hear their food is good. Thats essential for me.

    Quality of the flight can also depend on the type of aircraft flown on. Which type of aircraft was you on? Was it like Boieng 777, an Airbus, a Dreamliner?

    • Hi Arif, I’ve flown Emirates A380 several times before. Without a doubt, it is also an excellent flight.
      To be honest, I enrolled to TA frequent flyers because I believe it is the most value for money airlines. Yes, Emirates might as well be a good choice, but sometimes, its price is quite high. Therefore, I chose TA.


  9. Thank you for sharing your review. I love to travel though am not always fond of the flight experience. I have flown in to Hong Kong and Barcelona as my 2 long flights. Would love to check out Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul as it looks beautiful from your pictures. I will be sure to check out Turkish Airlines if I do decide to travel there. BTW, looks like a mini bar on the flight…cheers!

  10. Hey M. Ramlee, I haven’t flown Turkish Airlines yet so I’m glad to have read your review. You have proven once again that airline service outside of the US, even in economy, is far superior to the US carriers. I’ve lived in Asia for 5 years now and am spoiled by the service one receives in this part of the world.

    Even though I’m vegan, your meal looked pretty darn good. Do you remember if TA offered vegetarian or Vegan options?

    I love that little drink/snack bar. I’ve experienced this on JAL and Thaiair before, nice perk when traveling internationally.

    Thanks for the nice review of TA. 🙂

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