What is Award Stacking and How to Travel for Free

I remember a few years ago, I listened to a talk by a successful CEO that managed to bring his startup to a very well-known institution through out the world. I am really impressed by his works. Once an Arabic Language teacher in New York that managed to create an online platform to teach people around the globe Arabic. He talked a little bit about how he managed his life and time, then he suggested a book call “The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss”

4-Hour Workweek by Timothy FerrissSo, I went online and search for this book. Managed to get a copy and I started reading it. This was probably the first book that introduced me the concept of financial freedom. I was still young at the time, still in the early days of my university life, so the thought of preparing for my retirement, creating passive incomes or even planning for my life finance are literally never across my mind. But, I am glad that I picked this book that greatly improved my financial intelligence and awareness.

If I were to sum up this book without giving out spoilers, I would say that Timothy Ferriss is a very successful entrepreneur that having a lot of business online. He outsourced most of his job to people that do freelancing work abroad maybe at sites like Fiverr or Upwork.com. He managed to hire a virtual personal assistant that he paid very little (relatively in his local currency – USD). He is a smart guy, he knows how to leverage the value of US Dollar; A dollar in the US may worth so much more in countries like India, Indonesia, and other eastern and South American countries. In short, he managed to earn a lot and have just 4-hour workweek but still making a substantial amount of money though his business. The key is – leveraging currency exchange and outsourcing most of his works.

However, the one thing that really attracts my interest is the way he expressed his lifestyle. Although people may be annoyed by his writing style; bragging about the lavish life he currently has, I just feel so inspired and really want to gain my financial freedom like Tim Ferriss. He is able to travel to wherever he wants and whenever he want it! Oh my goodness! For a travel junkie like me, I just wish I can live the life of Tim Ferriss. After all, who does not want to travel for free right? It is my ultimate dream to gain my financial freedom, not for the sake of retiring and do nothing, I just want to be able to quit my day-to-day job and travel the globe and experience other cultures.

How to get a FREE Vacation?

So that is the big question? If I have that online business like Tim Ferris, I may have followed his foot steps and start booking my flight ticket now. However, sadly, it may be something that is not practical as I live in Malaysia and it is hard to outsource my works to other countries with lesser cost. Malaysian Ringgit is doing really bad at the moment, so I do not have the option to leverage my currency like him. For you that maybe reside in the US or any western countries with a stronger currency, you might want to grab Tim Ferriss’ Book and learn how to start building you wealth Tim Ferriss’ way.

So, I made my research again and finally came across another concept known as Award Stacking. As you know, the biggest expenditure on every travel plan is the Airline Ticket. The airplane fare will cost us the biggest chunk of our money especially when we plan to travel to countries to the far east or far west (like my situation). Although airlines have marketed their tickets competitively and give offers regularly, some people just could not afford to travel. We don’t have that luxury. Once we passed the hurdle to get the flight ticket and be in the desired country, then the money you need to survive is considerably very less.

For example, if you visit Kuala Lumpur, for affordable accommodations, you can find cheap hotels with great location and amenities, you can do free stuff, you can eat your way through Pasar Malam and other street food carts, and all of these cost you very little. After all, Malaysia is fairly a cheap destination especially if you have a strong currency like US Dollar or Great Britain Pound. You can practically be the rich man here!

What is Award Stacking

So, when I did my research, I stumble across this method named as “Award Stacking” by flyfreeacademy.com. It exploits the loophole which many airlines have – The frequent flyer program! It is a way pioneered by a former travel agent that he marketed through his website – flyfreeacademy.com. This method works on 63 airlines in the world and applicable for both international and domestic flights. If I were to summarize it all, the key to this whole process is to find the right credit card that offers free air-miles. There are plenty of them in the market today.

So, to summarize it all, the whole process only need you to go though seven steps. Yes, I know, you have to work for it a little bit, there is no such thing that really ‘Free’ in this world. If you find one, then it probably a scam! Ironically, this is the post that teaches you how to travel for free right? Hold on, bear with me for a sec. So, here are the steps that you need to follow to attain your free vacation.

Step 1 – Transform or improve your credit score (fast!)

By signing up to the program offered by flyfreeacademy you will learn how to improve your credit score fast. They will introduce credit factors that credit card companies emphasize and most importantly guide your way to building your credit ratings. The best thing is, you can do this while getting free vacations! So, I would say, if you have several credit cards or if you are now overwhelmed and handcuffed by your credit cards debt, at least you will be able to learn how to settle those problems one at a time.

Step 2 – Learn about the frequent Flyer Cards and Points

Upon building up your credit rating, you will learn about the different kinds of frequent flyer programs and how to identify the best credit card that suits the purpose – getting a free vacation.

Step 3 – Apply for credit card

Then, it’s time to apply for the suitable credit card, but first, they will guide your thoroughly how to double your chance to get the approval. And, the best part is they will teach the way how to get the business credit cards that often have very high mile bonuses through every purchase you made by using the cards.

How to travel for Free

flyfreeacademy homepage. A startup made by a former travel agent. You can get more information at their website.

Step 4 – Hit the spending requirement and unlock bonus miles points

After all the hard works, then it is time for the most integral part – Unlocking your bonus miles! Without these points, you will not able to get your free travel. Most credit cards company will, for example, need you to “Spend $2,000 in 90 days to unlock 50,000 miles”, and for your information, 50,000 is enough for a round international trip. They will guide you how to earn those points and hit the spending requirement without having to add additional expenses to your life. The thing to learn here is to convert your typical cash transaction into buying or paying through credit cards in order to earn miles. Sounds exciting right?

Step 5 – Eliminate all hidden fees

Afterward, you will learn the way how to waive the fees imposed by banks and airlines. Obviously, some credit cards will have certain fees to it, and some airlines will charge you the airport or fuel surcharges and other hidden taxes. This means, even if you spend you air miles, you will still need to fork out some money to pay for these taxes and charges. Throughout the course, they will teach the way to eliminate all of these things and make your flight truly free!

Step 6 – Book Flights

Then, it is time to start your booking, using solely your air miles. However, I honestly think this is where the expertise of the founder which was a former travel agent come to play. He will lead the way on how to book your flight effectively – the best website, the best times to book with miles and how to book with airlines that you are not a part of their frequent flyer program.

Step 7 – Advanced Strategies

Lastly, as a bonus section, you will learn how to further leverage your experience and learn other tips about booking the flights at no cost. Even buying fight by using air miles needs some strategies, therefore the course will help you buying it in the best possible situation.

All of these might seem too much work for right. But if you really want to travel for free and start to visit those exotic vacation spots, you might want to try out this course to learn more about it.

How to travel for free

The whole course will only cost you $47 and they have the Money Back Guarantee if you do not satisfy with the result or if it does not work. So why not give it a try?

Lastly, to conclude everything and to answer the question that I raised in this post; the answer is to exploit airlines frequent flyer program by earning miles though credit cards. If you really serious about wanting to travel with no cost, I highly suggest you learn it more at flyfreeacademy , you will be greeted with the introduction video to further explain the whole process.

Please remember though, once you have enough mile, do not forget to visit Malaysia!!

Thank You

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  1. Thanks for this great article! It’s pretty cool to be able to get cheaper flights that way. But they aren’t really free though, right? Because I still need to use my credit card to earn point?

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment.
      As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing free in this world right?
      However for this case, you can utilize your credit card and earned miles normally.
      The trick is they will teach you how to use your credit card to spend for things that you normally pay in cash like rent.
      Their unique selling point is to use credit card without having to add any other expenses on your life.

      So, go ahead and enroll on their course to learn how. 🙂


  2. This is very interesting. I am super fed up with earning miles that never seem to translate into airline travel I’m interested in. If I could use this system to go when and where I wanted to go – I’d be in!

    Does this work through paying routine expenses via the credit card, then paying it off each month?

  3. Hey, liked your article.
    I’ve had many cards in the past and would never make full use of the points. Armed with the info from your site I will apply for only credit cards that can get me towards free flights. Thanks for pushing me in the right direction. Any thoughts on which card’s are better: Visa, Amex or Mastercard?

    • Hi Jay,
      actually your question will be asked in Step 3 from the course.
      You will learn what is the best credit card to go for.


  4. I enjoy travelling and this opened my eyes to how much cheaper i can travel. I cant wait to be back on that aeroplane and be drinking cocktails!

    • Hi Scott, I love traveling too, and what is a better way to travel other than a free flight right?

      Thanks mate

  5. Great post,

    Sounds really interesting. I will check out the site. I am with Qantas frequent flyers so I hope that is one of the airlines.

    Thanks for getting this out there. Really interesting post,



    • Hi Kevin, thank for your comment.
      Please visit the website above to get more information and start earning your free flights.

  6. A lot of detail covered in this post. Not too long either it kept me interested throughout.
    So much I wouldn’t have known about beforehand. I would love to visit Malaysia and to do it for free would be an added bonus. I have never heard of award stacking and I will definitely be trying out the steps mentioned in this post.

    • Hi there, thanks a lot, I hope I have introduced a new knowledge for everyone.
      Go and check out the link for detailed explanation

  7. This is awesome information! I travel a bunch and it is always costing me a fortune. I have sort of heard of the concept of Award Stacking but have never really considered it as a means to travel.

    That was before I read this and realized how lucrative it can be. I will most definitely get started with your strategy. I always thought that this was somewhat fluff so I’m glad to know that it is a legitimate process.

    Thanks for the great article!

    • Hi Dalton, thank you for your comment.
      If you already travel a lot and use credit card frequently, I really suggest you to sign up for the course to learn about the best way to benefit from your cards.


  8. Great informative site! I love traveling but tickets are expensive even more so as i’m from the caribbean, Award Stacking sounds like something i should definitely be on board with, thanks for the information!

    • Hi there, award stacking is like the underground and hidden way to earn cheap flight tickets. You should try it!


  9. This is a great article. Wow, I love all the detail and effort that has gone into this post. I am also writing about travel, in particular about beach resorts in Thailand. There is a lot of great information that I have being curious about for a long time which you have written about.
    I am going to read further and deeper into your post later tonight once I have more time. Thank you for sharing such great wealth of information on how to fly ‘nearly for free’ . Absolutely love this post.

  10. I’ve just added ‘The 4 hour work week’ to my to-do book list, thank you for the recommendation.

    When I was 19 I read a book everyone has heard of called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki and like your story, opened my eyes to the online business, changed the way I thought about finances and made me determined to create a new life for myself through financial independence.

    I’m not too far away from you! I live in Thailand and have done for 3 years now and Air Asia normally do great flights but award stacking sounds really interesting and I’m checking them out now. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. one of my ambitions is to trade in my hectic western schedule and escape to Phuket in Thailand for an easier, warmer and stress-free lifestlye.

    Your summary about award stacking has given me some hints at how to go about this and maybe compliment my existing “escape plan”.

    I will get a copy of The 4-Hour Workweek for my kindle night time reading.

    Does award stacking work for European countries?

    • Hi Jay, thank you for your comment.
      It works on most of the western countries that offer such credit cards, check out the link for more information.

  12. I’ve never heard of award stacking, what a great idea . I mean, I know about flyer miles and have used them in the past for airline tickets, but it can take such a long time to accumulate them, and I travel so often, that it’s hard to imagine flying for free (especially internationally). I’ll have to check this out for sure, thanks for the review!

    • Hi there, this is like the underground tricks that one could apply to bend the system of awarding miles through credit cards. Go figure! Thanks

  13. Hi I have not traveled much and have never been to a foreign country. This does sound like one way to do so. It is very practical because I used credit cards a lot in my daily life, so, definitely going to check this one out. Was wonder if you are going to be posting more on where in another country you can do cheap activities?

    • Hi Bill, thank you, for now, I will only focus more on Malaysia alone to suit my website, but maybe I will try to share some of my other experience in other countries later.


  14. Hi Ramlee
    Nice information you got here, I wonder if this all really works. really need to find out more about this fly free system. I have been to many places but haven’t seen all.

  15. Hello

    Thank you for the article on how to travel almost free taking advantage of flight flying points, I am not a flyer but this is interesting information for the people who fly

    I have a fear of flying in a plane, even though so many do it I still can’t get over the fear of something going wrong while I am so high in the air.

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