Why I want to travel the World

I had quite a great day yesterday. Spending time with my wife. We went out for a movie. She actually wanted to watch Beauty & The Beast, which I suspect largely because of Emma Watson, but you know, with all the controversies surrounding that Disney Movie, the air date has been postponed in Malaysia. So, we chose a different movie (actually I chose it), named LIFE.

Life 2017It was a good movie. Really good actually. It’s been a while since I had a real good movie. If you have not watch it yet, you got to see it, especially if you like sci-fi plus thriller movie. In short, the movie was about a group of diverse astronauts working in the ISS that managed to capture a microorganism sample from the Mars. In the beginning, everyone was ecstatic when the managed to prove that there is life on Mars. They managed to bring back that microorganism, their sample back to life and later call it Calvin.

Lo and behold, without they know, that tiny little creature that they nurture finally turns into a lethal monster that constantly needs more blood. At times, I found the movie seems like a horror movie rather than a sci-fi movie. Calvin finally turns into a vicious monster with a very ugly face.Ryan Reynolds was the one that got killed first (omg! sorry for the spoiler) which is quite surprising, I thought he will be the one that saves the day for everyone. The story went on and finally, they found out that the scale of destruction caused by Calvin is so great and ISS is about to crash and burns. I leave it there, you should watch it yourself. But for me, the best part of this movie was when Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal are reading their last ‘bedtime story’ I supposed and look at the earth through ISS’ window. Their oxygen supply is running low and they are about to die like their fellow crews too.

Then she said “I remember my first Earth picture, and I asked my dad, where are those lines? (in Map)”. It

What a powerful line! She just captured the whole reasons why should one travel the world! (and maybe space one day?). We are actually at times where it pretty sucks to live in our planet earth. Yeah, maybe not for you and me, but you just imagine, at each and every corners of the world, there will surely be some destructions and problems. Whether it is a sectarian or proxy war like in Syria and Yemen, economic collapse that leads to humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela, regime oppression like in North Korea, drugs cartels maybe in some of the South American countries, famine in Africa, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, or maybe having to weather through your life that already difficult with corrupt governments. Oh, I forgot, we have to live in the era of ISIS, a group of maniac that claimed to be the real Islamic fighters, but they are just a crazy group of people.

What Rebecca Ferguson said in the movie really dear to my heart. I just wish that manmade lines and borders to be turned down some day. Why should a Malaysian feels uneasy with fellow Indonesian and vice versa? They are all from the same ethnic group, the same people just so happens live in a different place and island. Or why do the Arabs have to stop being caring to each other when the only things that separate them are just literally a straight line drawn on the map but the reality is that line is on a vast dessert with no real defining thing. We are all same. The same creature that lives on this planet that we all call home. We are all the CITIZEN of the world. May one day all those hatred and animosity between us all vanish.

These are the things that actually inspire me to keep traveling. I don’t know, to meet people and stranger that are so different than myself and my upbringing, it is just a great thing to do! And I think that I want to share a few great moments that I have abroad, and some of the values that I managed to grasp.

My Top Moments Abroad

  • Traveling solo in Budapest. A very great city, I just wished to have someone to accompany me in this great city. I learned that no matter how great the setting is, I just my loved ones to cherish the world together. As a human being, we cannot live alone!
  • Eating Gelato in Milan and Florence (yeah, the best Gelato ever) – We all need things to sweeten up our life. Enjoy life when it last!
Milano Duomo Trip

At Milano Duomo, Milan 2012

  • Walking through the Red Light District in Amsterdam – I don’t want to undermine anyone but, really, some people in this world just want a quick pleasure and quick way to earn money. Call me conservative but I hope that I can hold on to my moral compass for the rest of my life.
  • Taking pictures at the leaning tower of Pisa – I just wonder, how and why things become so mainstream? Popular does not always mean it is worth it!
Real condition of Pisa Leaning Tower

The real scene at Pisa. I wonder…..

  • Strolling across the historic street of Rome – Human minds can simply achieve great things!
  • Eating Sahlab in a very cold winter evening when I was overlooking the Golden Horn in Istanbul, reminiscing the greatness of Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih, a young Sultan (21 years old at that time) that conquered Constantinople (Ancient name for Istanbul) with his great army. He literally asked his troops to transport and carry their battleships across a hill at that Golden Horn to bypass the security system made by the Constantinople’s army (there was a chain in the sea, so no battleships can pass through). – Oh man, this young man really inspired me to do great things in my youth days.
  • Pilgriming to Mecca – In the sea of people, I lost and drowned in the fact that everyone is equal in that same white cloth.

Saying goodbye to Mecca

  • Traveling in Beijing, I learned that never ever put your backpack on the floor. I did it, later on, I felt and touched something slimy and stinky at the straps – Some people just like to spit, if it is their norms and culture, then I have to adapt.
  • Sending humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees at Shatilla and Sabra camp in Beirut – I realized that even people that are being deprived of basic human rights can be so hospitable. I wonder how could people live in a concrete jungle like this. I met two young girls playing under the shades of the tall poorly built apartment. They are just kids that want to play and to grow, to live life like the normal children. They may be refugees but they are still the same people like us.
Shatila and Sabra refugees camp

The alleys of Shatila and Sabra Camp in Beirut

  • In Beijing too – I learned that good food does not always mean something that you are familiar with or something that you could even pronounce. Believe me.
  • Paris is indeed always a good idea. I appreciated the fact that some countries are so far ahead in terms of civilization and culture. It is hard to keep up with great people!
  • Being homeless in Rotterdam – planning is always the key when traveling, never take it for granted.
  • Meeting and spending time with Syrian refugees in Hatay, Turkish-Syrian Border – I went there twice and I found that even people that are in very great misery can still have a good time and live with whatever means that they have. I learned Arabic here. I met great people that I wish to be my long life friends.
Syrian refugees orphans

These are all Syrian orphans that I met when I visited the Turkish border. Behind those smiles and laughs, there are thousands of sad stories

  • Sightseeing in Monaco – I just wish that I will be this rich. I want to be enough to travel the world but really, I want to be rich enough to give back to people, because I think, life is all about what you give, not what you had and want!

So, what are you travel experience?

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